Thursday, July 17, 2014

Time to Post, I Suppose?

  I haven't written on here in forever! So I guess I better reintroduce myself, seeing as I haven't been around for while.  Y'all might have forgotten me!  Here goes:  "Hi, I'm Courtnie and I'm addicted to moving."  : D  No, just kidding, not really, but from how much we have bounced around in the last 5 years, you would think so!  Actually, I kind of hate moving.  Lets see if I can get this right, hmmm.  We were briefly in Utah after our wedding(about one week), then in West Virginia for 4 years, the in California for 1 year, Oklahoma for 2 years, then Arizona for 18 months and now we are in Mississippi. For who knows how long.  Our nine year anniversary is coming up.  :)

I don't dislike it here, don't get me wrong.  This is a very nice area, and our house is quite lovely.  People are very friendly.  What I hate (remember how I mentioned that earlier?) is being unsettled.  Figuring everything out all over again; Making new friends, finding new doctors, making a new routine, scoping out new activities for the kids, learning new roads and freeways, acquiring new library and store cards, new schools (or homeschool groups) . . .yada yada yada.  I'm getting warn out a bit, I must admit.  Add to all this 3 young kidlets and one fussy baby who likes his mama to be his taxi.  Yeeaaahhh, I often don't feel like myself. Feel like I am not as good a mom as I used to be, or not as together as I used to be, or not as cheerful as I once was.   But I know this phase won't last forever.  Things will settle down and our days will have some semblance of routine and normalcy.  But I wish it would hurry up, darn it!

Anyway, I guess I better go to bed.  Sleep helps immensely.  :)

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Alicia Thomson said...

I share your dislike for moving. Good luck in getting all settled. Hope you start feeling yourself again soon.

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