Friday, April 12, 2013

A Lotta Pictures

Valentine Cuties!

Well, I guess it is time again for me to blog.  And after going through pictures, I have realized I have a lot to catch up on!  These pictures are in reverse order, and still aren't completely up to date.  Oh well, not to worry!  At least I am getting something blogged. 

I am 13 weeks, almost 14 weeks along.  Finished with the first trimester, which is great!  My sickness is getting better, although I still retch and gag and fell yucky often enough to cause me frustration.  And I am so tired in the evenings, which I used to savor and draw out as long as I could,  that I just hit the couch in a coma as soon as the kids are in bed!   Nothing new to me, but still annoying.  I remember when I was pregnant with Lexi I would come home from work, eat dinner and fall asleep on the recliner at 8:00pm.  Carl would carry me to bed.  It was a tired time in my life.  And here I am at a tired time yet again.  But mostly, I am just very happy to be having another baby coming, that I don't mind it TOO much.  It took such a long while before I even started ovulating after I had Barrett that I started to wonder if something was wrong with me.  And it is better to keep a positive outlook, I am learning this more and more everyday.  Especially when it comes to having my Mother-in-Law living with us.

Lexi had her birthday recently, and she had a very nice birthday.  And best of all, she got a Kitty!  Pictures of this bit of fluffy cuteness will come later.  Lexi named her kitty Brownie and takes good care of her baby.  She has already worried about everything under the sun about that cat, "Is she sick?  She might have Rabies. I think she's sick.  Oh, she hates me!  Mommy, I think I lost my kitten.  Where could she be?  She's to rambunctious. I think she might have fleas.  Does that wagon have fleas on it?  I want to take her for a ride, but don't want her to get fleas."  Here I am thinking, "Wow.  Just wait until she is a new mommy. This will be interesting."  And then I smile.  She is so sweet.  And loves every bit of that kitty!

       I started a Children's Book Club here, and we had our first meeting 2 days ago.  It went extremely well, I would even say a smashing success!  I was so happy, because I was worrying about how to go about leading the meeting.  I have never done a Children's Book Club before, but knew I wanted to for the literature, learning, friendships and all other good things that would come of it.  The book we read and discussed was Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.  I recommend this book to everyone!  It is a fun read for adults and children alike.  Our next book is Mr. Poppers Penguins. 

And now, for visual stimulation and pleasure, a legion of pictures!

                                                  I especially love Lexi's ear bite.  :)

We had a nice, but not terribly eventful Valentine's Day.  In these pictures of all three they are wearing the shirts that mommy semi-made for them.  (I crocheted the hearts and stitched them on.  Such a simple project, but I am quite proud and happy with the result!  I'm silly, I know.  :)  )

Barrett is showing me the "Car Pie" he made one day.  I thought it was super cute and funny!  Oh, and it was delicious too.  :)

Me looking like a nerd while feeding my baby Barrett bird a worm. 

Lexi decided one morning that the kids needed to have a special breakfast using my nice china and teapot.  The delicate breakfast was crepes!  And they were quite tasty.  All enjoyed the special event. 

Kenny turned 5 in March, and it was a good birthday.  He got a Hex Bug which he is watching in the above picture.

Blowing out the candles.

He got some awesome puzzles from my mom, which is a perfect gift for my little puzzler.  They were enjoyed by all!

Sometime this Spring, I don't remember which month (thank you pregnancy brain), we went to some natural hot springs.  There is one close by, but it isn't as nice as the one pictured above.  We had a really nice time.  At one point there was one fellow that had one of the hot springs all by himself, while about 10 people were in the other.  Why?  Because he was in his whitey-tighties, no swimming shorts or anything else, just his undies!  But that isn't the worst of it, eventually he took them off, and appeared to be washing them out in the tub.  And I also happened to accidental see him handling his goods as if he were washing them too!  Yuck, yuck and double yuck!!!  What is wrong with the man?  Thank heavens I was far enough away to not get a really good image, just enough to know what was going on.  : P

Homemade chocolate pudding is the best!  Barrett says so.  So does Lexi, and me, and Carl, and Kenny. . .

Our little homeschool group Valentines Day party.  It was pretty fun.  :)

The kids playing with the math cubes I bought.  They think they are pretty cool!  Often they are turned into gun shapes by my boys, or thrown about the house.  Neither are my favorite uses for them. 

 I made this lovely little heart garland for Valentines Day, then decided I liked it so well that it will stay up all year! 

Here is it above my piano.  :)

I made Lexi and myself coin purses.  I really loved this project, so easy, useful and CUTE!

Kenny loves to play in water every chance he gets.  He doesn't get to as much these days, due to our having to haul our own water.  We have to be conservative with it now!

These next few images are from when we were in Utah for Christmas break.  In the one above, my brother Chase is showing off his water marble he made.

We went on a icicle hunt and found these beauties! 

Chase should just wear a coat!  But I guess I will say he is innovative!

Barrett wearing show large snow boots.  He looks like an anime character! 

We had a little science lesson on estimating how long our snowman in a jar would take to melt.  Also, we predicted how he would change.  It was a fun little lesson.

The snowman in a jar pictures are in reverse order, as I am sure you can tell.

A bubbly bath in Grammies tub!  

My boys playing with the dollhouse that was mine when I was a youngin'.

Having family time and puzzling time, per Kenny's request.

More family time.  My mom's homemade egg nog is soooooooo gooooooood!


Eating ramen at the little table.  Not a very exciting picture, but cute nonetheless.

Winter in Utah.  

Images of Christmas

Lexi and I got piggy banks for Christmas.  I have a thing for Piggy banks.  They are a winner every time I am given a gift. I love them!

And last, but not least.  Carl accidentally made a big bubbly mess when he put the liquid dish soap instead of the powdered detergent into the dishwasher.  We use liquid detergent, so it was not out of ignorance.  He does the dishes the most at this house, actually.  I still thought it was pretty funny, and kinda fun too!


Haylee said...

Looks like everything is going well at your house! I love to see how big your kids are getting! And I'm glad to hear your pregnancy is going well. :)

Tara said...

Yes, we are due around the same time! I thought you were way ahead of me, but I guess only a couple weeks off! I loved the pictures of you all, and the narration too!

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