Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm Blue

     Well, it has been a while since I posted.  I still haven't uploaded the pictures from Christmas, unfortunately.  Blah.  Actually, our dry and crunchy Christmas tree is still fully decorated and lighted and standing in front of our living room window, right where we left it a month ago when we went to UT for Christmas vacation!  In our humble home, Christmas is still in the air!  It is slowly dissipating into boxes, day by day.  Seriously, though, I'm not purposely taking ages putting Christmas away.  Normally it would be put away by the first week of January, but we didn't have a normal Christmas this year, and I am one of the most disorganized souls you may EVER meet. So I am just doing a little bit every day in hopes that eventually it will be done. Hopefully Christmas is all put away before Valentines Day.  That is my goal.

     I don't know how some people lead such scheduled, organized, orderly lives.  I just can't do it, it seems.

     Anyway, today I was feeling a bit lonely.  Missing my family, missing Oklahoma, missing being in a bigger city, instead of a small town.  Sure, being in a small town has some perks, but I don't like being so far away from varied shopping, activities, friend-making and homeschooling opportunities and running water, (lol) and family.  I'm just waiting for this home to actually feel like HOME. . . . I'm trying to remember when Oklahoma started to feel like home, and when L.A. felt home-like.  And West Virginia?  Geez, that was so long ago.  Right now, all I remember is that Oklahoma felt homey relatively quick.  But, I could be remembering wrong and romanticizing the past.  I am really good at that.  But I am getting sick of moving.  I am getting tired of being the new person, and having to be lonely and go out of my way to make new friends and get new doctors and find new activities for the kids and find where the good parks are (although here, there are only about 3, maybe 4) and so on and so forth.  I just want to be settled (but not here)!  I am feeling somewhat envious of those of you that get to stay in one place for a nice long while.  When will it be my turn?

    Well, apparently I am also good at whining.  It's really not that bad here, not really.  But I do miss being in a city and my family!

Here is a picture of two for you all to gaze upon:


 These are our Christmas card pictures for this year.  I never actually got around to sending any cards, although I still have a small hope that I might be able to send something out!  Maybe a Happy Valentines family update.  Or is that too weird?

Our city after having our Katy and the Big Snow FIAR lesson.  The kids LOVED this!

Peanut Butter Boy

We got a trampoline as an early Christmas present to the kidlets!  :)

Family Pix

Family Pix