Monday, December 17, 2012

Here is our Christmas letter from last year.  I almost lost it, but was able to retrieve it!  I want to remember it, so I am posting it here.  Now I need to decided if I should write one this year. . . .

2011 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas, everyone! Here is a brief rundown of what has been happenin' round these here parts this week.

Carl and me get pretty worn out everyday keeping up with three munchkins. Carl enjoys his work at the transfer prison while I enjoy my work in the home. We have become really great at competitive ice cream consumption and enjoy any and all Breyers flavors! Weight gain has been kept to a minimum, I think. . . LOL : )

Lexi (5) has started school and has become an amazing reader. She is as smart as ever and we learn a lot together. She loves to sing, dance, make crafts and make new friends. And yes, she is very good at all of the above. I may be biased on some points. She has also decided that she wants to grow her hair to her feet. The movie Tangled may have something to do with it.

Kenny (3) is sweet and crazy, and recently discovered his love for the song, Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. We all just about have that song memorized, I think. He loves Spiderman, Robots and chocolate and has assumed the roll of Head Mess Maker and Big Brother very well. One could say he is proficient! Needless to say, my boys get into a lot of mischief.

Barrett (1) has had a busy year full of milestones which led up to walking. He tries to keep up with Big Brother and Big Sister, but isn't quite up to the challenge yet. Especially when Kenny decides it is time to play Knock Over Barrett. He loves balls, books, mud and dancing. And boy, is his dancing CUTE!!!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year

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Family Pix