Monday, May 7, 2012

What We Done Did

This was the best I could do of all three.

 We have been busy around here.  With homeschooling in full force and gardening and trying to keep up with three busy kids, well, what can I say?  I guess I would say, sometimes I feel like I did nothing the whole day, but I am exhausted at the end of it.  Doesn't really make sense, and I can feel the rambling nature of this post is reaching critical levels.  So, I better just sum up what these pictures are about and leave it at that.  Oh, but first I must mention the wonderful Homeschooling Convention I went to this past Saturday.  I went with a very dear friend and we stayed from 9-2!  Sans children, I might add.  It was quite the fun learning adventure. I think I have decided that I want to go the Classical route and I found some good math programs to possibly try.  I came home with a cranium full of new ideas and excitement for where to go next.  It was a fabulous excursion.  :)

We started seedlings in egg shells.  I think I will try it again next year and do some things differently. 
This year I feel like it was a neutral endeavor. 

 Easter was tasty, of course!

 Barrett is cute, you know.

 Kenny had a birthday in March, He wasn't very excited about wearing the party hats.
He had a great birthday, though!

Barrett wasn't very excited about the party hat either.

We were studying seeds for science one day.  This lesson was particularly interesting,
 dare I say, amazing?

I seem to have a problem with disappearing spoons.  OR maybe they all morph into forks!  
I have tons of forks, and hardly any spoons!  What a mystery. . . 

Lovely Lexi, although her smile seems a little forced.

Easter was tasty, what can I say?

Cute Kidlets, ready for Easter fun!

My boys love my tripod.  Kenny calls it the "Robot".  :)

We butchered a coconut one day, to make homemade coconut milk and shredded coconut and coconut cream.  It was a fun experience, but I don't plan on doing it again anytime soon. Too much work!

On Easter, Lexi found where the chocolate bunny was hidden.  Isn't it such a cute fairy bunny?

Here is another of Lovely Lexi,  

Well, that is all for now.  Lexi had a birthday in April, but I haven't uploaded those pictures yet.  That will be for another day.  Bah- bah! (Barrett speak for "bye bye")    ;)


Moi said...

HAHAHA! A great big L O L to the be-party hatted Kenny and his expression of despair!

Moi again said...

Oh and also, whatever Lexi is doing she always seems to belong in a fairy tale. She carries an aura of magic. =P

Alicia said...

I truly believe aliens come in and steal spoons and one sock from a pair. You're kids are cute as always.

Haylee said...

Oh, my. Adorable children! Your boys look SO sharp in their suits!

I'm always looking for forks. We should trade. ;)

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