Monday, November 28, 2011

Waiting . . .

Well, since I am waiting for the huge glump of pictures to upload to Snapfish while listening to my dad snore at random intervals as he catches some nightime ZZZ's, I think I'll put in a blog post.
Here is a little ditty I call :
10 years ago
- I was 17 years old
- I didn't like to look in mirrors cause I thought I was fairly unattractive (especially compared to my older sister, who always looked perfect)
- Went to voice lessons every week
- But never won a competition
- Was very shy and uptight and nervous

- Didn't have a best friend, or many friends at all, for that matter!
- Worked as a Dental Assistant for my father
- Spent nearly every lunch hour in the library
- Was a bit infatuated with a boy I had never spoken to
- Went to high school with my older sister and younger brother, which was kinda cool
- Drove to BYU for classes in a stick shift Volvo, which I got pretty good at
- Took an acting class at afore mentioned BYU and learned I have no acting skills whatsoever!
- Sang a solo in the school Christmas program, which was quite frightening.
- Was a "Mama" (please note: I was not the"Mama", I was a "Mama". Big difference. I was just an extra) in the schools musical of Fiddler on the Roof. It was pretty fun
- And therefore discovered I didn't fit in with the drama kids.
- Who did I fit in with anyway ? . . .
Yeah . . . um, and I don't know what else to put except for MAN am I glad I am done being a teenager! It definitely wasn't the golden age for me! I was quite the loner.

So, my ten years ago might seem a bit depressing, but I don't find it so. Because I see progress! I am doing better now than I was then, and all in all, I guess it wasn't that bad afterall. I turned out okay since I'm not too crazy. :D But yeah, I still am glad it is over with! :)


Anonymous said...

LOOKED PERFECT!? EH??? You mean, compared to Chewbacca!???

Haha, you're silly. Anyway, entertaining post. I kinda find my own mind drifting back in time as I read it, but then I go "Dowch! Let's not go there..." :P

Alicia said...

Isn't looking back in time so fun? Sorry you were a loner in high school, but you never were really alone. You always had friends. We just didn't go to the same high school as you.

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