Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baby Bear and the Birthday

Ah, phooey. I had a nice long post written, and it is gone. Poof! What a waste of time! :( Well, Barrett had his birthday two weeks ago, and it was a nice day for the little Bun, although crazier than I would have liked. And it came at the tail end of a week when Carl worked evenings (I really do not like these weeks!) so suffice it to say that the kitchen and house overall were worse for wear. And I was "terrible worn out" (Anne of Green Gables, anyone?). So, his Birthday didn't turn out quite as I wanted or imagined (of course, none of them have . . .). But it was a nice day nonetheless and he seemed happy with it! :)

Kenny is on a "I-am-whatever-is-on-my-shirt" kick right now. So, he picks his shirts carefully and then pretends to be whatever is proudly displayed on his chest. Sometimes he is a car, sometimes he is Spiderman, but on this day of days, he was a Buffalo! :)

Charming girl.

Pretty happy if you ask me!!!


And the epitome of cuteness too . . .

The story here? Lexi saw the balloon and the paper fan she made and recieved a vision! LOL a vision in which she made a peacock, apparently with Picasso as her inspiration! I loved this little peacock, and was sad to see it deflated a couple of days later.

So cute, creative and smart. That is my Lexi in a nutshell.

I love my little family.


Alicia said...

Happy Birthday to Baby Bear. Can't believe it's already been a year. Your kids are all very cute. I love Lexi's peacock.

Priscilla said...

It looks like he had a great birthday! Your family looks awesome!!

Haylee said...

Happy birthday, indeed! Your kids always look so cute and happy (and Lexi always comes up with such ingenious things)! You are one great mom!

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