Tuesday, September 13, 2011

At my house this evening

My girl is happy with her swing, my boy is happy with his new
caterpillar friend named "Squishy" and my baby is happy with the
dirt. :)

P.S. Barrett is NOT about to get hit by Lexi on the swing. It just looks like it. Carl is actually holding Lexi back for "Barrett Crossing".


kelly said...

i love this (especially the "squishy" part)! what a perfect evening. i miss scenes like this.



Alicia said...

Cute. Perfect way to end the day.

AngieA said...

Fun! I love seeing kids outdoors playing, it makes me so happy. :-)

Michelle said...

Nice yard! Ahhh, to be a kid and play outside! My kids get to play on cement and rocks most of the time.
Oh, and thanks for the disclaimer... it is a relief to know that you were practicing safe photographing procedures (you know, making sure the baby was safe)! lol:)

Haylee said...

"Barrett Crossing!" LOL!

I love the nice evenings in late summer/early fall. It's so nice to go outside and play!

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