Monday, August 8, 2011

Stochastic Thoughts On My Mind

1. I just learned a new word today. . . can you tell???

2. The power was off for a loooong time (so it seemed). Hallelujah it is back on!!!

3. A/C is good. We like A/C.

4. I have lost a cute little toad in my house. His/her name is Alesha and he/she is brown and bumpy. If you see this toad, send him/her my way please! I have a little 5 year old girl who is going to be really unhappy to find her new pet is gone. :(

5. She will be even more sad if she finds a shriveled up toad a few days later. . .

6. I really like making new friends and building stronger bonds with old ones. As time passes, I realize more and more how important deep, fulfilling relationships and friendships are. A good social network isn't just something people want, it truly is something we all need in order to be healthy individuals. Attaining this network is hard work at times, and, depending on where we are, can sometimes seem impossible. But truly deep and fulfilling friendships can be found wherever we go. Sometimes we just find them in places we never thought to look . . .

7. Speaking of places to look, where am I going to find that TOAD?!?

8. Lexi is starting school next week. Damn, I am not ready for this . . .

9. Kenny is funny. And doesn't take to the whole notion of using the potty consistently very well.

10. Barrett needs to start sleeping better. So that this momma can start sleeping better too.

11. Sleep. I like sleep. Maybe I should go do this thing called "sleep". Oh, wait, I still have to do this, and this and this (find a toad???) and this (tallys fingers) . . . . . Maybe later.


Tara said...

I enjoy making new friends too! I have decided that I need them, and need to work harder to nourish the new and old friend relationships too...

Alicia said...

I love your stochastic thoughts. Though honestly I did have to look up what stochastic meant.

I would look for a toad in dark cool places and under all furniture.

I hope Barrett starts sleeping better for you. It is rough to have a baby that doesn't sleep well.

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