Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School starts . . .

And I am not ready. I think I am almost avoiding going to bed because school will start sooner (so it seems) the quicker I go to sleep! I was not reassured and completely impressed after going to the Meet the Teacher today. I mean, everything is fine and dandy, but, I dunno. The classroom seemed kinda small, akin to crowded. And their schedule seems a bit too full (with only one recess!!!) for kindergardeners. And I worry that he teacher won't be as loving as I think she should be. I am worried it will be too much for Lexi to handle all at once.

Hmmmm, I just need to give it a chance, and be positive. Lexi is excited about it. Her only reservation is concerning weather or not she will get lost. (She got lost at an amusement park this summer and is having a hard time getting past it. She still talks about it a lot.) We have reassured her over and over again that she will not get lost. But if she does, there are lost of people there who can help her!

So here is the game plan. We give it a good 2 week trial period. We ponder, observe and discuss how we are feeling about everything and go from there. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. Who know what the future will bring? Maybe we both will love it!

But that doesn't mean I am ready for this . . .


Anonymous said...

Way to be positive! :-) I hope she enjoys school and does well. I feel her pain for getting lost, I get lost all the time and it still makes me upset.

Alicia said...

I heard about schools going down to one recess. That sure doesn't seem to be enough time for them to be kids and get out and play.

Hope you all adjust well. I'm glad you are going to actually pay attention how she's doing and not just throw her into something that isn't going to work for her. She definitely has great parents.

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