Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For Grammy and Grampsy Joao

My mom and brand new stepdad went to Ireland on their honeymoon and sent us some goodies they got for us while there. We love them (goodies and Grammy and Gramspy, that is)! And we were supposed to Skype them while we opened the box, but . . . well, Carl posted some furniture on Craigslist in the free section and gave my name and # for people to contact and 5 minutes thereafter all hell broke loose on my phone! I had 12 voicemails, several text messages and my goodness, it was a zoo! "What have you done to me?!?", I half jokingly said to Carl. Next time he can post his name and number, I say! Anyhoo, the package came right when I was in the midst of telling people to come over and take a look and working out details with all the text messages and yada yada yada. At least we got rid of the stuff that night. Within the hour, I think. And so, of course Lexi had torn into the box before I had a chance to even think about Skyping. Mom understands, of course. Here are pictures to make up for the lack of Skyping. And just because we like to take pictures a lot around here! :) :) :)

Barrett was soooo tired in this picture.

Lookin' good!

I love love love this sweatshirt on Kenny! Just my style. :)

All the kids having fun with their loot.

*The onesies are a little small on Barrett, unfortunately.*

Lexi loves her backpack and special pencils. Just in time for school!

Me wearing my necklace and ring. :)

Other random cute pictures.

Lexi made a nest for Barrett and was tickling him. It was very sweet. :)

Barrett was enthralled with these Chinese lanterns.

And this is Barrett's new favorite place to sleep.

He nods off in this special place nearly every day!

P.S. I have been feeling the blogging love lately from my friends and I just wanted to say, Thank You! It was really nice to hear such kind words of encouragment from all of you. :)


Alex and Kimberly Rasmussen said...

What great pictures!! I hope my mom can find time to get the kids over to get there pictures taken! You are are great at capturing "moments"

AngieA said...

Be prepared to get a lot more texts even though your furniture's gone. I posted a free futon online a month and a half ago and I still get texts! Good luck. :-)

kelly said...

thanks for posting those court; it's almost as good as watching on skype! we miss you here.



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