Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vacation Stuff

Alrighty, this is a looooong picture post that I am finally doing after putting it off for so long!

To start, I wanted to post some pictures of the kids enjoying the fun fishing game and gummies that someone in our ward left for us anonymously. The kids loved it, as did I! :) Thanks, whoever you are! It really is super cute and creative. I especially like the Jellyfish. :)

Barrett enjoyed it as well.

Cute fattiness is my baby Bear.
(Holding a fishing pole from the game, btw. It's magnetic.)

My birthday was the next day, and Carl made it a wonderful day!

My B-day cake and Dr. Pepper. Carl made this fantastic cake himself! :)

27 Big Ones!

Sooooo, . . . this year we took a rather long summer vacation. We went to Colorado first and visited cousins there for 5 days while Carl attended a conference.

We had fun at a Splash Pad while there.

(My boys realllllly like water.)

Lexi was in heaven having fun with her cousins.

Sometimes it is hard being away from family most of the year.


After said goodbye to the cousins and left Colorado, we went to UT and stayed for 3 weeks! Carl flew back to OK the day before Father's Day (not my idea, but sure sweet of him to arrange for us to stay in UT while he came home). We had his gifts waiting for him to find around the house. Not preferable, of course. But he still felt really loved! Anyhoo, while in UT we celebrated the 4th of July.

Sparklers . . .

. . . .

(I didn't take as many pics as usual this year. I guess a crawling-cruising-falling-getting bruised all the time and getting into mischief everywhere baby will do that to you.)

Lexi loves her Step-Grandpa we like to call "Grampsy Joao". He brought her 3 cute handmade recycled plastic bag animals from Africa and they made a zoo for the animals to reside in. As you can tell, Grampsy Joao loves Lexi right back. :)

Anyone we loves my kids is a winner in my book!

I thought it was pretty cute! (as well as colorful!)

On July 8th, Grammy (my mom) and Grampsy Joao were wed. It was a lovely day, jam packed full of getting ready, and fretting about this and that and festivities and flowers . . . and it was just nice. Nice, but exhausting.

Here is Lexi in her wedding getup. She felt like a princess!

Here is their cake. Pretty neat cake, I think. Tasted pretty good too.

My kids are clamoring for CAKE!

Cody and Connor looking spiffy.

Barrett is cute and I love that suit!

Cody is clearly very excited. Very.


Kenny hanging out before the ceremony.

Lexi with her ring bearer pillow. She was the ring bearer, and she took her job very seriously and did it very well! :) So sweet.

On a side note, I spent a good 15 min. curling her hair, and you couldn't even tell! Her hair refuses to hold curl!

We left the morning after the wedding. It was a long drive. But we got home right on time and are settling back in. It is a little strange being back after being gone for so long! It almost feels like I am new around here again! I definitely feel out of the loop. Hopefully it doesn't take me too long to get things back together again.

And to finish this post up,

A graham cracker faced drive home Barrett,

A car blanket over the face drive home Kenny,

And a happy faced, but sick of driving drive home Lexi.

Pheew, I did it. And that's all folks!


Alicia said...

Looks like you had a great time here. Happy Belated Birthday to you. Congrats to your mom. Glad her husband gets along so well with your kids. That's a great bonus.

Tara said...

Looks like you had fun! Now you are making me wish for a trip home... sigh. =) We're glad you're back though!

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