Sunday, July 3, 2011


So, I guess I should say something on here, eh? It has been quite a while since I posted anything. I have lots to post, but my own lovely computer isn't at my disposal right now. And my brother, Christian, is hounding me for the computer. :( So this will be a short, pictureless post once again. Boo, I say.

This has been a really pleasant, jam packed trip thus far. We have visited with family A LOT (of course) and seen my midwife who delivered Barrett, my voice teacher whom I haven't seen since my wedding, some friends from days of yore (lol), prepared for a wedding (my moms on July 8th!), got dental work done ( :/ ), and have been doing a whole lot of living in between. :)

Kenny is as messy and cute as usual, Lexi is her smart and rambunctious little self and Barrett has sprouted 4 more teeth! All kids are loving the family time and especially the cousin time.

We will be sad to leave, but also happy to be returning home. Our time is getting close to an end for this summer trip, unfortunately. It always goes to fast! 5 more days left . . .

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Family Pix

Family Pix