Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feeds My Soul

I am on a little "What feeds the soul?" kick lately. I am really enjoying tallying up things that I think really do feed the soul, and not just my soul, but everyone's soul. My last post was more personal, about what feed my soul that day and was much more detailed. But I believe there are some basic activities/items (or whatever) that are universal, i.e. they work for all people, in feeding the soul; enriching our lives and our spirits.

Here are some that I have come up that I have experienced these past few days.
#1. Gardening and weeding especially
#2. Cooking with fresh/whole foods
#3. Listening to wind chimes
#4. Holding a sleeping baby
#5. Random acts of kindness
#6. Being the recipient of such kindness
#7. Eating food one has grown
#8. Singing or making music in some way
#9. Making a new friend(s)
#10. Teaching an eager student

I think that is good enough for right now. Of course there are so much more, but 10 is good to start. Anyway, I think that the concept of "feeding the soul" is very interesting. It is a very basic statement, in and of itself. To feed just means to consume something, something that typically gives a being more energy and refreshes it. "Feed the soul"? Not very complex, and yet very deep.

We are always feeding our bodies because we have to or we die (literally), but I believe that in some ways we all have been have been slacking off in the feeding of our souls. How does one really, truly feed the soul? How do we know if the activities we are taking part in are feeding our souls "health food" or junk food"?

Well, I guess the answer is actually pretty simple. If the soul nourishing we take part in makes us feel at peace, REAL peace, and enables us to give love freely, then we have consumed some really good soul health food. I think that the list above is chocked full of soul super foods. And right now, I am on a soul health food kick. :) May we all be "Health Nuts" with our souls. :)

What do you think is a soul health food??? Do you think that peace and an ability to love more are signs we have feed our souls well?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Good for the Soul

Well, today has been a bit of a hectic day. A good hectic day. But a hectic day nonetheless. And amidst all the mayhem I was reminded of several things that are "good for the soul". Namely:

1. Sleep, and more of it!
2. Gardening in the morning before it is too hot and smelling the awesome smell of tomato plants and basil.
3. Chocolate white chip cookies (good for the soul, but not the weight loss plan)
4. Making cookies with my children and seeing chocolate mustaches and beards appear.
5. Happy children who play together without fighting for longer than 5 min. :)
6. Talking to my Mom with few interruptions.
7. Hanging laundry on the line.
8. Chatting peacefully with Carl while the kids play cars.
9. Hearing Lexi say, "I have a princess car named 'Belle'."
10. Kenny saying to me, "I don't like cavity bugs. I like salad." :) lol
11. Barrett smiliing like a Cheshire Cat as soon as he spots me after a nap.

Yep, all these things are definitely good for the soul!

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