Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not Good

I just made the sad realization that if I am drifting off to sleep with hazy thoughts swirling in my head and get someone disturbs me, I am a real Witch, spelled with a B!

Good thing I never drink.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We have had a lot of stuff going on around here lately. On the 9th Lexi had her birthday, with a great party and then that very night my family arrived! They drove from UT to visit for a week, which wasn't long enough! I am missing them now, feeling a little meloncholy, and a little jealous of everyone who gets to stay close to family. Just a bit. It is quieter now, even with 3 noisy, rascally kids running around. It is also is a bit lonelier. . . Oh, I'll get over it, like I always do. But I still miss my family. And wish we could live closer.

I put together Lexi's party in less than a week since I couldn't decide if I should have one or not. I thought that it would help build more friendships if we had a party, so that was the deciding factor. I think the party went fairly well, and for cheap too. This was also an important factor. :)

We had a garden tea party, and everyone was welcome to dress up (nearly every little girl was in a pink princess dress!) We had our "tea" (pink lemonaid) out in the garden along with a few cute snacks (mini PBJs cut out in flower and heart shapes, assorted fruit, cheese cut up in heart and flower shapes). It was yummy. :) After we finished our tea party, we went inside to make some masquerade masks. They didn't really fit the theme, but I knew the kids would love them, which they did! Then we went outside to do a scavenger hunt to win prizes and next was our homemade pinata (not the prettiest pinata around, but it worked great!). After the pinata was broken and the candy all gathered up we went inside once again for the cupcakes. We didn't do presents this year because Lexi has enough toys. And I don't want birthday parties to always be about getting toys. Sometimes is okay, of course. We had a toy party last year. But I mostly wanted this party to be about getting together with friends and having fun. So I asked the guests to bring a flower for Lexi's flower garden instead of toys. Lexi now has a beautiful little flower garden and two cute little blueberry bushes. :)

Late the night of the 9th my family arrived. We had such a nice time having them over. We took them downtown to the memorial (Oklahoma City bombing) and to Bricktown. We took them to Braums and Hefner Lake and the Zoo. We also took them to Martin Nature Park and CiCi's Pizza. Me, my mom, my sister Celeste, and Lexi went on a shopping trip to the mall. I hardly ever go to the mall to shop for myself anymore. We showed them the stream and pond by our house. I just wish we had more time than a week! It went by waaaaay to fast. :( I still wanted to take them to the Natural History Museum and to Hefner Lake when it wasn't so darn windy!

I hope they can come again sometime soon.

Princess Kenny! ha ha! He and his little friend

(also a boy) got all duded up one day. Something they have never done before!

My brother Chase found a turtle in the stream behind our house!

The outfit Lexi picked out on the shopping trip with Grammy.

Very cute, and very PINK!

The snack table from the tea party.

The masquerade masks that we made.

Me and my friend Sandy dressed up for the party.

Lexi hitting the pinata

The guests at the party

Lexi blowing out the candles and wearing the crown she made for the occasion.

All in all, a nice party, a nice bunch of friends, a very nice week, and a very nice and loving family.


Family Pix

Family Pix