Friday, March 4, 2011

i must confess

I have a guilty pleasure.

Yes. Yes I do.

One which surprises me. But hey, life is full of surprises, eh?

I never thought I would say this because I never thought I would ever actually let me or my daughter watch them, . . . but I, yes, I (a feminist at heart) like several of the Barbie movies! Pheeew. Feels so good to get that off my chest. :) My favorite is Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. I like it so much, I wouldn't mind owning it for me to watch as much as for Lexi.

And now that I have confessed, if you don't mind, I will get back to watching my movie: Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses.


P.S. A real post is in the works. Coming sometime in the next year . .uh, I mean, week. :)


Michelle said...

You are too funny! I thought it was going to be that you liked something bad, like some skanky drama on TV. :)

Alicia said...

LOL! That is a perfectly good guilty pleasure. I have a friend who owns all the Barbie movies and she doesn't have any kids. There sure are a lot worse things you could be addicted too.

Anonymous said...

I love them to! Barbie and the princess and the pauper is my favorite!

Haylee said...

That's so funny! I have yet to watch a Barbie movie yet . . . and probably won't for a while. But I'm glad you enjoy them. Most children's shows drive me BANANAS!

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