Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On My Mind

Random thoughts on my mind:

* Grand Cooley DAM, my fingers are cold!

* I really should make a more concerted effort to get back in shape. And loose the extra baby weight . . . but how much do I really want it??? Okay, I want it. But do I want it enough to work at it? Wellllll, right now I feel like I work hard enough during the day with three young children that when I do have time to myself, I want to savor it doing something fun. Yeah, and exercise isn't fun right now. . .

* This show (the one I am watching right now), One Born Every Minute, is laaaame. Childbirth is dramatic enough without the intense music and solemn commentary. In it's favor, when the baby arrives, I still get teary. Childbirth is so beautiful and sacred!

* Yay! No more nebulizing two little boys and no more giving them ultra distgusting, gag and puke, concentrated Yuckiness flavored Prednizone. I bribed Kenny to take it with the promise of a Ding Dong every time, and it worked. Poor Barrett had no prize, being 4 months and all. But they are all better!

* Carl gets home this Saturday!

* That is only in 4 days!!

* Then I can take a nap!!!

* Carl gets home this SATURDAY!!!!

* My house is a wreck. A Snowday, with no Daddy, 2 small children and a baby. Well, what can I expect.

* At least the kids had fun. :)

* But I think I'm losing my mind? . . . Sike! I'm okay, really. :D

* I miss my friends who are spead out all over the USA. It stinks having to leave people behind often, but with that being said, I am so very VERY grateful for fresh starts. Because then I get to tell people who I am, not the other way around. Sometimes when you have been in one spot for too long, everyone assumes you are a certain way and they treat you accordingly. Sometimes you feel stuck in their expectations, their cliques, their labels. In other words, they put you in a box. Moving around has given me the opportunity to shed boxes (they suck!).

* Man, I love these kids!

* Maybe I should start the laundry in the drier so that it, you know, gets dry.

* I wonder how many people actually read my blog?

* Speaking of blogs, I am behind on my comments.

* Hmmm, my hair really could use a cut. By someone who can see the back of my head without the help of a mirror, (i.e. Not me).

* And the dishes await.


Alicia said...

Wow, you really are loosing your mind. LOL! I have a few of those same thoughts.

AngieA said...

My favorite was your box comment. That's why I need to move, I need a fresh start.

Michelle said...

Courtnie, it is funny how many of those same thoughts I have! Like about working out, birth shows (I get emotional every time a baby is born, no matter how terrible the rest of the show was), the house being a wreck, needing a haircut, wondering if anyone reads my blog, and the whole box thing. We've moved a lot since being married, too. I'm kind of tired of switching wards every year, but on the other hand, it does have it's advantages! (You've got to look on the bright side, right?)
I'm glad your hubby will be home soon, too. :) I think you've done a great job of staying sane!

Twinmomwv said...

I love everything about this post!

Courtnie said...

Tanks friends! :)

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