Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011


On days like today I feel like a failure.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On My Mind

Random thoughts on my mind:

* Grand Cooley DAM, my fingers are cold!

* I really should make a more concerted effort to get back in shape. And loose the extra baby weight . . . but how much do I really want it??? Okay, I want it. But do I want it enough to work at it? Wellllll, right now I feel like I work hard enough during the day with three young children that when I do have time to myself, I want to savor it doing something fun. Yeah, and exercise isn't fun right now. . .

* This show (the one I am watching right now), One Born Every Minute, is laaaame. Childbirth is dramatic enough without the intense music and solemn commentary. In it's favor, when the baby arrives, I still get teary. Childbirth is so beautiful and sacred!

* Yay! No more nebulizing two little boys and no more giving them ultra distgusting, gag and puke, concentrated Yuckiness flavored Prednizone. I bribed Kenny to take it with the promise of a Ding Dong every time, and it worked. Poor Barrett had no prize, being 4 months and all. But they are all better!

* Carl gets home this Saturday!

* That is only in 4 days!!

* Then I can take a nap!!!

* Carl gets home this SATURDAY!!!!

* My house is a wreck. A Snowday, with no Daddy, 2 small children and a baby. Well, what can I expect.

* At least the kids had fun. :)

* But I think I'm losing my mind? . . . Sike! I'm okay, really. :D

* I miss my friends who are spead out all over the USA. It stinks having to leave people behind often, but with that being said, I am so very VERY grateful for fresh starts. Because then I get to tell people who I am, not the other way around. Sometimes when you have been in one spot for too long, everyone assumes you are a certain way and they treat you accordingly. Sometimes you feel stuck in their expectations, their cliques, their labels. In other words, they put you in a box. Moving around has given me the opportunity to shed boxes (they suck!).

* Man, I love these kids!

* Maybe I should start the laundry in the drier so that it, you know, gets dry.

* I wonder how many people actually read my blog?

* Speaking of blogs, I am behind on my comments.

* Hmmm, my hair really could use a cut. By someone who can see the back of my head without the help of a mirror, (i.e. Not me).

* And the dishes await.

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