Thursday, January 27, 2011

A News Brief (brief news, that is)

In the Crazy Days household, Carl left for Georgia for work training on the 18th of January and won't be back until the 5th of February. We are all holding up well, but I have a full bed every night. I get lots of visitors who overstay their welcome! :) It is hard to fall asleep without my husband in our bed where he belongs, so the long bed visits are actually well recieved. We'll see how this pans out when Daddy gets home . . .

The kids had their Dr. appointments and here are their stats: Lexi is in the 50% for everything, Kenny is 25% for height and 50% for weight and Barrett is 25% for height as well, but 97% for weight. Ha ha! He is short and stout! :) And as cute as they come. And they all WERE healthy . . .

But now all three kids are sick, which is also difficult without Daddy here and the extra pair of hands and comfort he, too, provides. We went to the Dr. today, and Kenny has an ear infection, they all have horrible coughs (enough to make them throw up!) and Barrett has RSV. So, Kenny and Barrett need nebulizer treatments every 4 hours and disgusting prednisone for the next 2 days. And Kenny also need antibiotic for his ear. Gah! When it rains, it pours, huh?! Lexi is almost all better now, at least. And I think all the sickies are on the up and will continue to get better over the next few days. Here's me hoping!

Other than that, no big news. Like I said, brief. :)

Here are a few pics as well:

Cuteness, of course.

Kenny the Bedheaded boy!

Barrett LOVES his baths!

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jennifer a said...

Ah! Sick kids are the worst! Especially since you're by yourself dealing with it right now. Glad to hear thY are starting to feel better! Hang in there!

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