Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Christmas Story

Barrett's blessing day, Dec. 26th
I guess I will add to the throng of Christmas posts. I enjoy reading them! And our blog is getting overdue for an entry now anyway. :)
So we traveled (by car, as usual) from Oklahoma to Utah this year. Our kids are such great travelers now. They do so well. I am so very very grateful for this!!! Anyway, we arrived on Christmas Eve, around 3:30ish. We were all very tired from the long drive, but still managed to have Christmas Eve dinner with my family and attend a fun family get together with Carl's family afterward. It was lots of fun. I am glad the kids have lots of cousins on Carl's side to play with. They had a jolly time! :)
Next came Christmas! Christmas Day was unusual this year in that we actually got to sleep in until 9. We got to open presents in daylight, which has NEVER happened! Ever!! My kids aren't quite old enough to be super excited and jumpy on Christmas morning, plus we don't do the Santa thing. They do know there will be presents, however. They are still figuring it all out, I suppose. Something like that . . . Anyhoo, we all recieved nice, thoughful gifts and spent lots of good, quality time together and ate lots of tasty, unhealthy treats. :) hehe We enjoyed some of Grammy's splendid Eggnog, took naps, and Stayed in pajammas all day! We also did a little talent show like thingy that had such amazing performances as a push up contest (I couldn't do even one! Do I hear a Neew Years Resolution in the making?) and a rendition of "Santa Baby" that included Barrett with a little white beard as Santa Baby! :D It was cute. And fun.
The following day was Barrett's blessing day. We had it on this day so that we could have family around for it. All of our kids have been blessed in my Mom's ward (my previous ward) since we have lived out of state our whole married life. It is important to us to have family about us when we bless our babies. It has worked out well so far.
And now we are just enjoying our break relaxing and getting in lots more family time before we head back. We leave for Oklahoma again on January 1st, New Years Day! And I am not looking forward to the drive, especially since the weather has taken a turn for the worse!
Barrett turned 3 months on Christmas Eve and is a little chunker at 16 pounds. :) He has been teething early, but has such a gentle and sweet disposition that he doesn't even complain that much. He loves to chomp on his hands, and is the smiliest little guy! He is the biggest chatterbox of a baby I have ever seen. He loves to talk to anyone in his cute little way.

Anyway, here are the pictures:

Four Generations picture taken on the blessing day.
I finally have one of these!

Barrett on his blessing day

Kenny likes Grammy's Eggnog on Christmas day
wearing the Spiderman shirt I made for him.
(My boy is all about the Spiderman these days!)

Barrett likes his present.

The shirt I made for Carl. I am proud of how well it turned out. :)

Barrett likes his buggy. So do I! :)

What a cutie!

Kenny and Daddy testing out the awesome water table.
The perfect gift for Kenny, who is always asking to play in the kitchen sink!

Lexi on her bike and it's just right!

Waiting on the stairs (good thing they are long!)

What a cute happy boy! (Christmas morning)

Grandma Clegg holding Baby Barrett sporting his Christmas bib
on Christmas Eve at the Clegg get together.

Lexi brushing her Cinderella Dolly's hair.
A gift from Grammy as the one present we open on Christmas Eve.

Kenny riding his Christmas Eve gift, Rody. They need to make adult sized Rodys because my three younger brothers are obsessed with this thing!
They are always sitting on it! The nutbags . . . :)

On the Riverwalk in downtown OKC
We went downtown on the Sunday before Christmas to ride on one of the canal boats on the Riverwalk. They were free! The kids had a good time. The line was really long, as you can imagine. Carl and me didn't think it was tons of fun since it was slow, kinda boring and crowded. But it was worth it to take the kids. It was really pretty down there too.

Thhe kidlets and myself try to do little crafts here and there. This Christmas season we made some nice little star ornaments that turned out pretty good.

Pretty Star ornaments the kids made

And here are some of the pictures I took after the Christmas card pictures. I wanted these pictures to depict my kids personalities more accurately. They picked out their clothes and posed how they wanted. I think they were successful.

Wonderful Princess Lexi

Marvelous Snowman Kenny
(he is wearing his beloved snowman shirt he want to wear 24/7)

Adorable Sweetie Barrett

Well, that's all folks!
Hope y'all have a happy new year!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Call for Addresses!!

Hey everyone! It's time for Christmas cards again! If you have moved since last year, or would just like to be added to our list, please email me your address at: bobbybloo(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thank you,


P.S. Can you believe there is only one week until Christmas???? How did that happen?!?

Family Pix

Family Pix