Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birth Story and Barret Sweetness

Well, I guess it is high time I posted. And I need to post Barrett's birth story. It was a perfect birth, I really couldn't have planned it any better myself. It was harder at the end than both Kenny and Lexi's births. I pushed longer for Barrett than Lexi or Kenny too. 7 min. for them and about 13 for Barrett. Anyway, here is a condensed version of the story:

On Sept. 23 we went to pick up Carl from the Airport. He got the job at Oklahoma City and we were very happy to have him back. It is important to have daddy at the birth if one can help it, I think. So, that night we went out to dinner to celebrate. All throughout dinner I was having very minor contraction, but they were very far apart and not consistent, so I didn't really think anything of them. On the drive home I took note of them and told Carl, but then they seemed to vanish. Ah . . . well, . . . we thought I would probably a couple of days overdue anyway. Off to bed we went.

Several hours later my contractions woke me up. I believe it was about 3 something. I got up and did several different things to see if the contractions would let up. I got on my hands and knees and rocked back and forth during each contraction to help bring my cervix forward. I even folded laundry to pass the time between contractions as I made sure they were gonna stick. After half an hour, I told Carl this was it, to which he replied, "Are you sure?" "Yes, of course I'm sure!" I told him. Sheesh . . . I then called my midwife and 2o minutes (after we got all ready) later we were headed off to the birth center.

We arrived around 5:30ish. The tub was all ready and the lights were low. We put music on and I got into a gown. I actually thought it was cute, and it didn't show my tuckush in the back! Excellent . . . So, we started dealing with contractions. Carl was such a wonderful support, as he always is. After a few minutes, my awesome midwife showed Carl a counterpressure technique in which he applies pressure to my hips during a contraction. I was amazed at how well it worked. For half an hour we used this technique. Then I decided that I wanted to labor in the tub.

While I was in the tub, as naked as the day I was born, my mom, Carl, and 2 midwives were also there. And saw everything. But I didn't care, not a whit. And I still don't. But I remember thinking for a second, "Hmmm, I will be completely naked for all to see. Hmmm, I don't really care." and stripped down and climbed in.

I labored in the tub for about 3 hours. Mom put wet washcloths on my head, Carl held my hands and rubbed my back. The midwives talked to me, we laughed and joked. It was very peaceful and beautiful.

As I was getting through another contraction, I suddenly felt my water break in a little explosive gush. I noted, "I think my water just broke" and then -----it hit me! The ferocious urge to push, and a lot of pain! I remember saying. "I don't want to, but I have to. (referring to having to push)". I tensed my legs up really bad since I was kneeling when my water broke so the midwives helped me lay back. I felt the ring of fire and they asked me if I wanted to feel his head. I denied any desire to feel his head, I just wanted to get the job done! And it was too much effort to reach down when I was exerting all of my energy to push him out!

They were going to let Carl catch him, but he seemed stuck which was due to his cord being, short, around his neck and therefore tight. So my midwife quickly stepped in and did a somersault manuever on Barrett and he came out beautifully. I'm still not exactly sure how this manuever works, but glad that it did. :)

I was so happy to see him, albeit exhausted! His birth was also much more tiring than Kenny's or Lexi's. He wasn't crying good right from the start and was a dreadful bluish color from having his cord around his neck when they placed him on my chest. So they rubbed his back and suctioned out his mouth and nose and then he hollered. I kissed the top of his head and noticed that he had hair! Not as much as Lexi, but more than Kenny.

After Barrett pinked up real good, and we weren't worried about his well being, I noticed how sore my legs were. I couldn't believe how sore they were! I felt like I had run a marathon (or what I would guess running a marathon would feel like, seeing as I have never run one)! They were really sore for quite a while all due to me tensing then up like crazy. Wow . . .

So, little Barrett is my biggest baby at 8 lbs 2 oz. He also has a big noggin' at 14 in. circumference. Apparently his big head, along with his bigger size and the cord around his neck all contributed to me having a harder, more exhausting birth at the end.

We stayed for four hours and then, since we were ready to go home, we did. It was really nice. :)

Barrett is such a wonderful baby. My hardest birth gave me my easiest baby. Go figure.

I did a little photo session with Barrett two days ago, and BOY is he CUTE!

Lexi and Kenny made little nests while I was taking pictures.

Kenny is such an adorable wild-man

Barrett in his Bear Warmie

My kids like Thomas the Train. One night when they were playing with their trains, I heard Kenny say, "NO!" as he dashed out of the kids bathroom. I then saw Lexi and this:

Kenny did not want his choo choo gussied up.

Lexi is my girlie girl, and I love it!

I love my kidlets, all three of them.

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Family Pix