Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Cute Little Barrett Bun

We are now a family of 5! With the addittion of Baby Bear, Bun, Barrett or Barrett Bun (all terms of endearment for the same little guy! ) I now have more kids than I have hands. It is tricky, but since I have only experienced having three little ones for 11 days, it hasn't been too rough yet. I'm not saying it's easy though. However, having Carl and family around has definitely eased the transition.

Aren't they a cute ensamble?

He looks a lot like Lexi as a newborn to me.

My favorite picture of my little Barrett yet, milk bubble and all!

He is my most peaceful baby, and it is very nice to (thus far) have a peaceful baby.
Especially since he is # 3!

So far Lexi and Kenny just love their little brother and ask to hold him often. Kenny likes to say, "Hi Baby! Hi!" 2 inches from Barrett's face. Barrett doesn't seem to mind. Kenny also shows great concern for Barrett's welfare when Barrett is mad about having a bath. Lexi likes to hold Barrett the most and enjoys rubbing her cheek on Baby's soft hair or soft forehead. She likes to hold him on her chest and tries to burp him. I have such sweet children. :)

Life is hard, but very very sweet.
Kinda like a Jolly Rancher Candy.


Twinmomwv said...

So sweet! I'm happy for you that everyone is adjusting well. Heavenly Father always knows when we need the easy babies the most!

Michelle said...

He is just beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! And for the record, they are a perfectly ADORABLE ensemble!! Can't wait to hear the birth story. Oh, wait, did you already write it? I've got to catch up! I'm so happy for you, Courtnie. :)

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