Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Happenings

Well, first off I want to tell Michelle (and anyone else who wishes to read it) that even though I haven't written my birth story yet, I will! But that is for my next post.
For now, we are going to talk about how nice it is be around so much family during the beginning of Fall! I love the fall season, and I love being able to share it with our loving families (even if we drive each other nuts sometimes)! This is the first time we have enjoyed Fall Fun and Halloween with family in our whole five and half years of marriage. Which wouldn't be a big deal, normally. But since the arrival of three amazingly cute and crazy kids, Halloween is a bit of a bigger deal, especially if we can share it with family. And Fall Fun isn't as fun without family.
We went to Cornbelly's this year, and we all had a great time. We also have our pumpkins picked out and we have decorated Fall sugar cookies. We have enjoyed hot chocolate with whipping cream and have decorated for Halloween. We had an early Halloween party when Aunt Cami and Uncle Kazuki were and got all dressed up. We assembled some fun crafts, including stuffed fabric pumpkiins and glass refrigerator magnets. We have definitely been having some FALL FUN! :)
Here are pictures of this fun:

Well, this pix is actually just showing what crazy stuff
Carl comes up with to keep Barrett happy! :)

Lexi loves the little Bun! Here she tries to burp him.

Lexi's happy leaf cookie.

The Corn Box at Cornbelly's
*All the rest of the pictures are from our Cornbelly's trip.*


Mom won a pig nose for kissing a pig during the pig races.

Me riding the mechanical bull.

Carl riding the same bull. :)

Kenny peeking out of the window on the door at the Princess Playland

Closing the slider in my face! Harrumph!

Princess Lexi, so lovely.

Spooky Tree
Better run, baby's crying! :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Cute Little Barrett Bun

We are now a family of 5! With the addittion of Baby Bear, Bun, Barrett or Barrett Bun (all terms of endearment for the same little guy! ) I now have more kids than I have hands. It is tricky, but since I have only experienced having three little ones for 11 days, it hasn't been too rough yet. I'm not saying it's easy though. However, having Carl and family around has definitely eased the transition.

Aren't they a cute ensamble?

He looks a lot like Lexi as a newborn to me.

My favorite picture of my little Barrett yet, milk bubble and all!

He is my most peaceful baby, and it is very nice to (thus far) have a peaceful baby.
Especially since he is # 3!

So far Lexi and Kenny just love their little brother and ask to hold him often. Kenny likes to say, "Hi Baby! Hi!" 2 inches from Barrett's face. Barrett doesn't seem to mind. Kenny also shows great concern for Barrett's welfare when Barrett is mad about having a bath. Lexi likes to hold Barrett the most and enjoys rubbing her cheek on Baby's soft hair or soft forehead. She likes to hold him on her chest and tries to burp him. I have such sweet children. :)

Life is hard, but very very sweet.
Kinda like a Jolly Rancher Candy.

Family Pix

Family Pix