Monday, July 26, 2010

My Kids Like to Dig . . .

While I like to crochet!

I am working on Baby Barrett's blanket. I think it will turn out
really good! The colors are Gray, Baby Blue and Navy Blue. I love
gray, and have since junior high when I decided that it was one of the
only colors that looked good on me. Hopefully Barrett likes gray
too :)!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Guess I Should Do SOMETHING on the Bloggy Blog . . .

Well, it has been quite a while since I have written anything on the blog. I am sure I have had plenty to say, but I just feel like reading Babycenter Community posts during my internet time rather than post on the good ol' blog. I am enjoying everyone else's blog posts, however. Despite my lack of comments. I guess I should try again to comment once and a while. It is just such a hit and miss, whether or not they will actually be accepted and posted. Sigh . . .

We just got back home from Utah yesterday. It was a rough drive out! We came back with my dad (Carl came back earlier) and his car had no air conditioning! I didn't know about this until he came to pick us up, but figured it would be okay, because a lot of the driving would be during the night, so thing would cool off a bit. Right? . . . Wrong! Unfortunately for us all there has been a bit of a heat wave and it was in extra full force for the majority of the trip. It was okay driving through Juab county in Utah when it rained a little bit, but man! By the time we got to Vegas (around 12:30) it was still in the 90's! The kids had been sleeping for a bit but they just started to wake up and I knew it would be a drive most wretched if we didn't stop and stay at a hotel so we could all cool off and sleep. I was ready to have Carl leave CA right then so he could pick us up in the morning. Then we could drive back home with some A/C and not be miserable for another 5 hours of driving. But after we got a good nights sleep and cooled off, I was logical, although still unhappy about our fate :) and knew it made more sense to ride with Dad who was heading to CA anyway, enjoyed having company along for the drive and who was being such a patient good sport about everything.

So into the horrifibly hot car we got, but not without loading up on ice and water, to resume our jouney. Poor Kenny had a little yelling/screeching/crying jag for about 20 minutes and nothing I did helped. I felt like crying too (after yelling a bit myself). Lexi did remarkably well considering that she is like her father in that she is always feeling warm. Kenny did really well too, except for the above mentioned screeching. I had both kids stripped down to just their diaper/underwear and their cheeks were still all rosy and their hair sweaty. Poor little thngs!

By the time we got to Baker, CA it was 107 and still going up! But we had a pleasant stop at Big Boy (even when Lexi almost knocked over a waitress with a tray of food) and had some tastey eatin'. Then it was another couple of hours in the Oven on Wheels. Before departure we loaded up on ice and cold drinks once again!

What one thing helped cool us off considerably and helped make the drive through Death Valley bearable? A spray bottle of water! I grabbed my mom's before we left after hearing the "No A/C" tid bit and Boy am I glad I did! I really helped a lot. It didn't decrease the misery we experienced enough to make the ride enter the nuetral zone of "Miserable vs. Enjoyable" but it made it bump up to, "At Times, Bearable". :) I think I will bring a couple of spray bottles (one for each kid to prevent fighting) along on ever hot summer car trip from now on.

We had a very nice time in Utah before the Excursion from Hell (okay, it wasn't really that bad, but it was bad). I got all the baby boy clothes washed and organized, got the baby stuff out of storage and washed and prepared most of it (still have the bassinet to get ready), put together the new bouncer, bought a few baby necessities with my mother and had great family time and fun to boot! We missed Carl a lot, but talked to him on the phone everyday. I also saw Eclipse, and it was better than the first two, but still pretty lame. I thought the Jasper fellow was quite attractive, although I never found him so in the previous movies. Interesting . . . Maybe it was his Southern accent? . . . Anyway, overall I think the whole storyline and series is just BLAH!

At my midwife appointment, I was measuring right on once again and all is well. I had the worthless Glucose test and drank the worthless drink and it burned my worthless throat. Hopefully I pass that test. I think I gained 3 pounds while in Utah. Hmm . . .

I will post pictures of our trip and such at a later time. :)

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