Monday, June 7, 2010

Nobody's Sayin' Nuttin

That is sure how it feels in the blogosphere these days. Blogging is losing its luster, I suppose. I, however, have a great excuse for not having much to say to my other fellow bloggers. When I try to comment, it won't work!!! Nearly every stinking time! I don't know if I am the only one having these troubles, or if others are too. Maybe that is why nobody's sayin nuttin. Either way, blogging is still losing its appeal, I am afraid. But not enough for me can the whole thing. I still enjoy reading everybodies posts and looking at their pictures and getting glimpses into their lives. I love how blogging keeps me in touch with so many friends! Nonetheless, there has been a major lull in the amount of posts I see, and put out, and the creativity put into posts. Maybe we all have just decided we have better things to do with our time! That makes a great excuse, doesn't it? Unfortunately for me, I don't think that excuse applies. I just find another way to waste my time with a different non-productive diversion when having my "Me Time"! And I plan to keep it that way for a spell. :)

Anyway, here are some recent pics:

Kenny's bubble blowing face :)

Lexi blowing bubbles with more success

A little boy and his truck (and dirt) makes heaven!

Lexi's last day of Joyschool was last week. This picture is of the clan minus one cute little boy.
Lexi loved Joyschool!

We made some brownies tonight and I have ample help.

My helpers were more than happy to teste the batter for me.

Lexi having apron anger as she tries to get it off!

Kenny saying, "No, no, no, no, no!" meaning: "No more pictures Mommy
and get me off this darn table!"

Lexi has been interested in setting out clothes for her and Kenny
To be Prince and Princess, of course.
And then they get married.

A guess a Prince needs heels too, right? Why should girls have all the fun?

Princess Lexi loves her Frog Prince brother, and vice versa!
(She also loves to boss him around. He rebels.)

Well, there you have it. No big news. We are doing well. Baby is growing well and moving all about every day. Mommy is feeling more energized and even had a productive day today and played with the kidlets! And when that happens, life is good.


Matt said...

See, the problem is we don't all have such cute little bugs to keep us interesting! We all still luv ya, girl.

Haylee said...

I'll comment! I've been waiting for a new post. Your kids sure are cute, and I'm glad to hear the other little one is doing well.

Anonymous said...

can't wait 'til you get here! what adorable children, and i loved the flavor of your post, court.



Anonymous said...

Lexi's gonna be a supermodel,
Kenny's gonna be a bubbleblowing truck driver,(a brand new job of the future,he'll be very famous and wealthy!)
Mom's gonna write a most wonderful book based off her many beautiful blogs,
Carl's gonna be at the see-saw and uplift and support his wonderful family! (its the symbolism, right?)

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