Sunday, May 16, 2010

Catching Up and Such

The kidlets went on a "picnic" a few nights ago and it was so sweet and cute! I especially love Kenny's expression!
Allright, so there have been several happenings within the past few months that need to be noted! We went to UT in March to find a midwife, and coordinated the time we visited so that Kenny's birthday would be enjoyed with family too! It was a nice visit, although short.
Here are pictures from that day:
The handsome birthday boy.

His dirt cake.

Blowing (or something like it) out the candles! :)
It was delicious.

Then . . . Back to CA!
. . .

The combined Lexi and Kennny B-day party with friends.
Lots of fun, very generous friends!

April arrives . . .
. . .

My family comes to visit during Spring Break!

We went to . . .

The Beach!

I have such handsome brothers!

The crew building sandcastles.

Lexi's birthday with family in town!
Her birthday dress.
Such a cutie. :)

We went to the beach on her B-day too, as you see.

Busy, pleasant and fun. It was soooo nice having family here! The kids loved it! And we all fit nicely in our little 2 bedroom apartment for 1 week. Pretty good, eh?
Well, I better go to bed now. It is late. Good night!


Priscilla said...

My gracious!! It's been a long time since I've been on here...and it's amazing at how much Lexi and Kenny have grown! I apparently I missed the last few posts you've made, and I think the pictures are awesome! My favorite is Lexi holding the fat cat!! Parker was really amazed at the dirt cake and has requested it for his birthday...can I get the recipe??

Anonymous said...

it was so fun to see these pictures and remember those good times - we're all looking forward to more good times in a couple of weeks! kenny looks like delight incarnate in the picnic picture, and lexi looks so grownup in her birthday dress. i really like the photo of connor - he especially looks way too grown up!



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