Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Something I made for the Lex

I made this glorious dress for my sweet girl yesterday and she was
very excited to wear it. Unfortunately it is too big on top and
therefore baggy up there. Which will never do, of course! So now it
need to make a few adjustments. I was so looking forward to having
the dress finished in one day, but alas, my energy was all depleted.
And sewing didn't happen today either. Just some unpicking. Sigh...

I'm other news:

• Our computer is broken and thus I am condemned to the drudgery of
blogging on my phone. Which is why my posts are so scarce as of late.

• I am feeling baby #3 kick and it is very nice and reassuring. I am
not showing as much as I thought I would by this time which causes me
some worry, but feeling those little flutters and pokes makes me feel
better. However, I am always aware of the fact that there are no
guarentees. I wish with all my heart that there were. Recently a
friend who had the same ideas about birth as me and who was just one
week behind me miscarried last Thursday. I can't understand how she
must feel right now, but I wish I could help comfort her. She had a
still birth before this prwgnancy and seemed very excited to have
another baby (she has two children). I don't know what else to say
except that I wish she didn't have to go through such heartache.
Especially twice.

• Lexi is starting to spell three letter words, which I think is
pretty neat. She adores playing with Kenny and gets sad and upset
when he had to go to bed for throwing tantrums.

• Kenny is still my crazy little nut. He is talking more and more.
And he is still a Mama's boy. I am planning on sewing him a Sunday
shirt soon and perhaps I will show it on here as well.

That is all I have to report for today! :)

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