Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My House . . .

*Easter morning. Carl is not actually doing a fancy Michael Jackson dance, BTW, he is just standing up and I caught him mid-stand. Super disappointing, I know.*

Is NOT a very, very, very fine house! (Although I must admit, it looks pretty good in the above picture. But apparently it is a rarety to find it in such condition!)

I just had this realization the other day. I think my living space might, just might, always be in a state of major disarray. I have a friend who is a wonderful, sweet, kind, helpful and loving person who visits unannounced. Which I like, it is nice to have a surprise visit! (And I don't want her to stop her surprise visits because of my lack of housekeeping skills.)


nearly_every_time_ she visits, whether it is just she and her daughter or her husband too, my apartment is a disaster area!!! So this fact got me to thinking that maybe it isn't just the visit times that are wrong, maybe we just live in a pigsty most of the time! I asked Carl the other day to see what his thoughts were on my housekeeping skills and he replied, "Well, it isn't your highest priority." And then he laughed. Well, that didn't sit well with me, not that I want it be my highest priority. But I don't want anyone thinking I am a slob, least of all my husband. (He doesn't really think I'm a slob. That would be terrible, wouldn't it?) Anyway, today I made a (somewhat) greater effort to keep my place in ship shape and this is what I discovered:

1. Trying to clean house while having children at home REALLY is like trying to shovel the walk while it is snowing! When I focus on one room/area another area gets trashed. And so on and so forth. Kenny seems to feel that it is his special job as Apprentice Messmaker to show up Lexi in her job as Head Messmaker. If a room is clean, he will find a way to make it have a cluttered floor within ten seconds flat! "Who cleaned this place up?", he queries, "Now I have to mess it up all over again! Harrumph!"

However, the kids did play together very nicely, which made me happy. And it was nice creative play.

2. It distracted me from what I feel are more important things. Such as: playing with my children, teaching my children, taking them out and about at a better time and working on various projects I need to work on.

I find that when I focus too much on the clutter and small things that can get in the way, it keeps me from doing the big stuff that has better long term results. Building strong, loving relationships with my children, teaching them and helping them develop a love of learning, enriching their curiosity and imagination, encouraging their kind and empathetic natures to be those who build others up in this tearing down society we live in. Plus when I focus too much on the little, not as important fluff, I am not able to focus on improving myself and my relationships with others either.

3. I need to work more on having my kidlets clean up the messes they make, even though it may seem like more work, it will have better long term results.

Sooo, here's to messy houses. May we learn to love them and learn to live with them! *As long as they are sans cockroaches, rodents, fleas, food smashed into the carpets and any other thoroughly disgusting stuff. he he :)* And may we clean them once a year!

Anyway, the baby seems to be doing well and wiggling all about! It is a very nice and comforting thing to feel. Also, I am now officially in the "fat" stage of pregnancy. I don't look obviously pregnant yet, but I don't look trim either. Pregnancy clothes are still too big, but my regular shirts are too small. I like how much better I feel during this trimester, but I am not liking how I look!

Here are some pictures from recent adventures we had.

Lexi holding Aunt Lesi's grande y gordo cat, Lancelot. What a Fatso! :)

Dyeing Easter eggs. Kenny is studying this new and unusual method of food decoration. Lexi thoroughly enjooyed herself!

The Princess tent my kids ADORE that Lexi got for her B-day.

The Kidlets made a nest on our bed and were being birdies. Complete with flapping wings, loud squaks and being fed pretend worms by Mommy and Daddy.


Pamela said...

I love Lexi and the cat. So cute!

Anonymous said...

courtnie you are doing a great job. your house is "clean enough" and your family is delightful to be with - and that's from someone who spent a week with you all in tight quarters! you must be doing the important things.



Alicia said...

There certainly are more important things then a completely clean house. I'm glad to see that there is someone else out there like me with a "clean enough" (like your mom said) house.

Anonymous said...

Bah! Your house is a wreck! You should be punished!

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