Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kenny's Reaction

. . . to Swiss cheese:

Lexi so very kindly (mischievously) gave (tricked) Kenny (into having) some. She knows he loves cheese and was just doing him a favor (playing a prank on him). Lexi didn't take any herself as she had already had some the day before (does that tell us something?).

I don't think Kenny was impressed.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So, how have I been doing on keeping my New Years Goals? Well, downright crappy, to tell you the truth. I have to admit that I have been terrible about keeping them. I haven't read my camera manual, I haven't read a whole book (bits and pieces of several and skipped to the end of one so life could go on. Does that equal one book, however? I guess it depends on the size!)through and I certainly haven't started a budget or savings account. I still need to adjust and rework my goals so that they are doable and distinct. I guess that will have to be something that I work on tomorrow(?) or this coming week? I will be updating my progress periodically on here to try to keep myself on track. Hopefully it makes a difference! I keep on telling myself that I will get myself pulled together, but it never happens and the days just go too fast when I have energy and too slow when I don't. It is very frustrating.

Well, here is what the kidlets are doing these days. Kenny is repeating back every word we say, or at least, the last word we say. :) He is talking so well. He favorite phrases are: "Don't tach!" (don't touch,) "Open tis!" (open this), "Bye Bye, dies! (bye bye guys) and . . . uh . . . well I cannot remember the other one at this current moment. Perhaps I will remember later. Anyhoo, he is so cute and sweet and still my Mama's Boy. He loves having company over and is quite the little nut. He gets so excited and runs around and flaps like he is a bird learning to fly all the while making some of the craziest noises. He is very excitable. Many times he will be found doing a wild sort of rain dance or Stomp The Yard kind of dance while screeching. He has a hard time containing his excitement.:)

Yesterday while he and Lexi were in the tub I decided to put on some Vivaldi Four Seasons music. Next thing I knew, he came charging out of the tub and started dancing around thge living room while saying, "heh-pee!"(happy). I thought it was so cute (of course)!

One morning a few weeks ago he woke up before me (as usual)and came into my bedroom toting a little plate, a fork, and a block upon the plate. He brought me breakfast in bed! Isn't that adorable!

He and Lexi both love to help me cook. Unfortunately my kitchen is rather small in this apartment and so when he and Lexi both push chairs in so that they can see what is going on plus help, it makes it rather difficult to maneuver around them and get what I need. But I let them help just the same (how can I keep them away?) and make them wear the aprons I made the for Christmas. Kenny now knows that the apron is an important item to wear when cooking and hands it to me so I will put it on him when he wants to cook.

One last thing. He is obsessed with playing with water. He always wants to play near the sink dumping water here and there. He always has to help with the dishes.

I just love my sweet and crazy little boy. :)

Lexi is very sweet, smart, cute and helpful. She likes to boss Kenny around, and he frequently rebells. She is often times found carting Kenny off to another room where she wants to play with him. I will hear loud protests and have to come save him. She is then very upset and sad because she wants to play with him and can't see why he wouldn't want to play with her! :) (She has her moments where she doesn't desire his company, and vice versa, of course.) She loves to dress up and is always trying to get me to play dress ups and princess stories with her. She is always directing me in how I am supposed to play with her. :) Cracks me up! Here is the commonn dialog:

Lexi: "Belle? Beh-elle?"
Me (realizing she is referring to me): "Oh! Yes Lexi?"
Lexi: "No no, say, 'Yes, Cinderella?'"
Me: *sighing* "Yes Cinderella?"
Lexi: "Belle, look at the clock! It is time to go to the ball. We need our beautiful dresses then we will dance with the prince and . . . . .. "

and thus I find myself acting out (somewhat unwillingly, depending on the day and time) a princess story. Lexi is very observant about these princess stories. She already has noted the common theme which is: The princess character doesn't get what she desires and so she runs to a bed or a bench or somewhere she can put her head down in the crook of her arm and . . . CRIES! Then she gets what she wants, somehow.

One day as we were playing princess again, she told me we had to cry. That is what princesses do when the going gets tough, apparently! Then she proceeded to act out the exact scene I described above with her head and arms resting on her bed. It was a very convincing act! :)

Lexi loves to give hugs to me and is very affectionate. One day when I picked her up per her request, she gave me a great big hug and said, "You are lots of fun for me!" I was surprised and very pleased! I never figured myself as very fun. And I am most likely not, but at that moment, I guess I was. :)

She has been climbing into my bed again at night and many mornings I will discover her and it will be a sweet surprise (since my sleep was undisturbed!). Often enough I am awakened and have to escourt her back to her bed. But every now and then I don't notice, or it is so pleasant to have her there when we both sleep well, so I enjoy it.

She is enjoying Joyschool and is doing well interacting with other kids her age. I worry every now and then that something will happen that will make her feel bad or she will be pushed around by more aggresive kids like I was, but thus far, she seems to be standing her ground relatively well. She reminds me to make sure I write down the clues for her "Letter of the Day" item.

She is very good at helping me get the toothbrushes before bed, getting diapers for Kenny, helping cook and tidying up. We are going to start her with a small chore chart soon, I think. She loves to learn, loves to help and is a very wonderful little girl.

Whoo, that is a lot! I guess I should have updates like that more frequently to prevent such long winded ones in the future!

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