Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Bubbly Bath 2 and . . .

Serious Kenny

So happy!


A random one of my handsome man.

Splash in the face.

Serious Lexi.


Lexi and her cute hat

. . . some 2010 goals . . . (10, to be exact)

1. Read one high quality book a month. (these books chosen can be read for pleasure, but they have to require more thought and have more substance to them than Meg Cabot books! I love reading these books even though they are really lame and cliche. They are my guilty pleasure.)

2. Read my camera manual.

3. Take a Digital Photography course.

4. Take at least 2 independant study courses.

5. Start a Budget, no matter how small.

6. Start a Savings Account, no matter how miniscule. :)

7. Do one anonymous act of kindness a week.

8. Read on Shakespear play (or other mind enriching literature) a month.

9. Write in Journal every Sunday.

10. Spend no more than 1 hour of time on internet every day.

I will refine this list later, when I am feeling a bit more refreshed and able to think harder. I want to have clearly defined goals that I will keep because they are important to me. And thus this is draft one. Draft two and a Christmas post will be for another night. . . sigh and *yawn*. Good night.



Matt said...

Ooh, Shakespeare! You should start with either "The Merchant of Venice" or "Much Ado about Nothing" if you haven't read them. Or, if you like the Histories, "Julius Ceaser" will REALLY get you thinking.

Anonymous said...

we never did get to have our session on our goals like we planned - maybe tomorrow. yours inspire me to define 10 of my own - or maybe just three or four!

i LOVE these photos, and that hat on my lexi! kenny was so much fun in the bubbles.



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