Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Card Pictures

I took our Christmas card pictures this past Saturday and am very happy with how they turned out. I don't love how I look in them, but the kids are cute as can be! As always.

But before I show off the glorious pictures, lets have some more . . .
Quotable Lexi Quotes
1. "I'm boring!" (I'm bored)
2. "The house is wiggling." (as we listening to our neighbors upstairs make the ceiling creak)
3. "That laugh my head off!/ That makes my head laugh off!"
4. "You have a squishy arm!" (Thanks, dear)
5. "You have a big, fat bum!" (Thanks again . . .)
Don't worry, I haven't taken any offense. I am pretty comfortable with my current physique.

This silly one of Carl I took during Thanksgiving break in UT. My bro Caelan had elf ears from Halloween and Carl had to wear (according to me) for a picture!


angiea said...

You are such a cute little family! And you look great in these pictures as well, so be quiet. ;-)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA, Lexi's a champ!^^

~The Grinch who stole your underwear

Anonymous said...

i LOVE these pix! stacy (or maybe it was georgette) couldn't believe you took these yourself. i, unlike all the other grandparents who just think they do, actually DO have the cutest grandchildren!



Anonymous said...

the grinch who stole your underwear?


Anonymous said...

Corn-tea! i like, so totally hart your pics!! haha, the one of carl cracks me up! lexi says the most kind and thoughtful things! ta ta!

The Celeste

Anonymous said...

hallo wie gehts du? or hello how are you. the pictures are awesome. they look professional! about you though, dull? i think sensible and dull are quite different. maybe because the kenny and lexi are so chaotic and rambuctious it may seem dull otherwise. politicians make what they're saying sound good - hang in there courtnie! (inside joke)


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