Thursday, November 19, 2009


Lexi cracks me up. Well, both my little monkeys do. But this post is about Lexi. She is so quirky and creative. Yesterday she decided to make "Toilet Paper Pizza" I was getting ready for the day and she was keeping me company. I wasn't very entertaining at the moment, so she entertained herself. She plucked pieces of TP of the roll, would roll them into balls and drop them on the bathroom rug, all the while saying to herself, "You take the toilet paper, roll is up and put it on the pizza." Mmmmm, toilet paper pizza. I salivate at the thought! :)

These pictures below are from when I was sewing and let her have the special privilege of playing with my pins (Kenny was napping and she was careful). Both of my kids hanker for the pincusion whenever I sew. But the never get to have it!!! Therefore it was a VERY special privilege.. I was real pleased with the creative outcome from allowing pincushion play to come to pass.

The green ribbon rose is, "Baby Cow" and the pins are it's cage.

Apparentely it was gonna run away.
This is just a fun picture from playing at the park with Daddy.

Snow White Lexi made a store with Momma's ironing board.

I just had to go shopping!
Lexi surprised me with this performance a couple of days ago.
She emerged from a recent trip to the bathroom with these on her head!
*Straight from her toosh, too! Yuck!*

Gotta love my quirky girl!


Michelle said...

What a cutie pie... and I LOVE the new header! (Don't get me wrong, I loved the previous one too)

Anonymous said...

love my free-spirit granddaughter! the pic on the teeter-totter is a great one. and the toilet paper idea is a good one; i'll keep it in mind when you visit!



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