Monday, November 23, 2009

Just What I Have Been Looking For!!!

This_Is_Great. I love this site!!!

This site all by itself is fantastic, if you love to sew. Full of lots of splendid ideas and tutorials!

I shall leave you all with these pictures:

The Real Me

Not very flattering, but how I look most days at home with my kids.
No makeup, boring hair, a bit frumpy.
For some reason, I like it . . .

This one is dubbed, "Belle and the Duck"

Why? Because Lexi picked out her princessey church dress which was yellow, which meant Belle (of the Disney princesses, of course) and I was to be The Princess and the Frog so I had a green dress and a green hippo as my frog. But oh no! What's this? Now we don't match seeing as Lexi has no animal that matches her dress and is her friend. So she snatched her duck, and declared that she was, "Belle and the Duck!"

Oh, and she dressed me, BTW. Picked out my dress and told me to put on my "princess shoes" (church shoes).

Cute. Creative. Quirky and Fun.

That's my girl.


And we can't forget, Kenny is so handsome and happy!

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Anonymous said...

very cute pictures and memories for later

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