Friday, October 16, 2009

Peanut Butter Boy

I was just desperate to finish the dishes today after enduring several interruptions in various forms. It is quite the job doing dishes in my house, since both my kids insist on playing with the water and helping throughout the whole process. Usually it takes me about an hour to do the dishes and get the kitchen looking respectable. So I decided, in my hour of need as I was seeing the end in sight (we had a lot of dishes today, due to laziness earlier in the week), that I would let Kenny get in the jar of Peanut Butter he had discovered on the table.

He didn't dig in with both hands, mind you. I wasn't desperate enough to allow that. Thank heavens he started off with a utinsel in the first place. Anyway, here he is rather messy and giving us that, "caught red handed" look.

I did get the dishes done, however!

"Oooo, is that a camera I see?"

After the much needed bath. Such blue eyes!

I also wanted to show two of the fun pictures I took at the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy, UT.

I am fascinated by these neat-o Jellyfish!

And I thought this fish was pretty cool as well.


angiea said...

I love your pictures! As always. You have a gift.

Priscilla said...

Awesome!! I can't believe how old Kenny looks!!

Anonymous said...

courtnie you are the family's new official photographer! you always have cute kid pictures, but those at the aquarium are beautiful!



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