Monday, October 5, 2009

Carl the Peacock

Carl is a peacock, it is true. I discovered this 2 days ago as we were getting ready to attend a work party. Lexi's hair was in a half ponytail and she was wearing playclothes. I was wearing some army green capris that I love that are a wee bit shappy looking. Kenny had messed up his outfit, as he does about halfway through everyday.

Apparentely we were not in pristene condition for presentation to coworkers!!

So first off Carl declared that he wanted Lexi to have Mouse Ears as her hairdo (this is the hairdo she is sporting in the picture above and Carl's favorite hairdo on her. They realy are quite cute!!) I didn't mind complying with his wishes although not without a fair amout of teasing. :) Carl tried to pick out a new outfit for Lexi but couldn't decide and knew that I would probably change it anyway, so I stepped in.

Then Carl kindly suggested that I change into something other than my "Army Pants", as he not-so-fondly referrs to my army green capris. I smirked but didn't mind complying once
again. He wasn't demanding I change my clothes, afterall. And I liked the idea that he wanted to show off his wife and kids (more so the kids than the wife, of course! They are so much more show-off able!).

Kenny needed a new outfit anyway because he always soils his clothes
about halfway through the day, as previously stated. And so a new outfit he had.

I made me feel good remembering all over again how proud Carl is of this family. How could he not be proud of such wonderful, sweet, smart and CUTE kidlets?

And so I further the "Peacock"ness of this family just by keeping this blog! Ha!


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