Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Confess . . .

I have had a couple of friends post their "confessions", which I liked a lot. So I have decided that I will confess as well! :) Of course, these confession will be the light, fluffy funny ones. I have plenty of real faults (which I won't mention) that would be too embarassing or uncomfortable to reveal. Don't we all???

My Confessions of Fluff x 10
1. I like myself a little bit o' gossip, I'm afraid. I find it rather tantilizing to hear about how so-and-so isn't happy in his/her marriage and how they gained __ lbs because they are unhappy. Of course, my gossip is only said and responded to in the nicest and most condescending of ways! :) *heh*
Another reason I enjoy hearing it is because I want to prevent it from happening in my life. I don't take joy in others misfortune, mind you. I analyze it and try to figure out what went wrong. I also have the natural tendancy to think that if someone is doing poorly, I must be doing better. But their life has no reflection on me. It doesn't apply to me at all! Life isn't graded on a curve!
2. I can be rather vain. Although on most days, from looking at me, most people wouldn't think this (Especially today with a wrinkly, long-sleeve T-shirt, hair in one braid and no makeup). But when I do make myself up, I become vain. And I am stupid and haughty enough to think to myself (on occasion), "I am the best lookin' chick in this room." (Has anybody else thought this on occasion? I'm sure many of us have, right? Beauty, afterall, is in the eye of the beholder.)
3. However, on days that I don't do myself up, I look in the mirror and think, "Eh, I'm nothing special," or "I would make a better looking boy with how I'm looking today!"
4. I have a terrible habit of wiping my hands on my pants after cooking or eating or getting dirty at the park or whatever. I have a few stained areas on the thighs of several pants/capris.
5. I compare myself to others ALL THE TIME! This is my worst habit of all. I have to tell myself often that how other people look, live their lives and mother their children does NOT apply to me. I also tend to compare myself more with people I feel have snubbed me, and much less with those that I am close to (who I know care about me).
6. If I happen to accidentally noisily break wind when Carl and the kids in the room, I blame one of the kids (usually Kenny). They don't care (P.S. This doesn't happen often!). :) :) :)
7. I have a wretched sense of direction and get lost easily. The idea of driving from here to UT by myself scares me. I really need to work on this . . .
8. I often miss social cues and do dumb things. Hopefully everyone gives me a benefit of a doubt. I didn't mean to offend, I promise!
9. I stew for days if I think I offended someone too!
10. I take too much pride in my singing abilities, but with the smoke and ash in the air here in CA, I haven't been able to do very well. Keeps me humble!
Well, that's it. Now you all have several reasons to think, "Wow. She's not so great." :)
Happy Halloween, y'all!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Peanut Butter Boy

I was just desperate to finish the dishes today after enduring several interruptions in various forms. It is quite the job doing dishes in my house, since both my kids insist on playing with the water and helping throughout the whole process. Usually it takes me about an hour to do the dishes and get the kitchen looking respectable. So I decided, in my hour of need as I was seeing the end in sight (we had a lot of dishes today, due to laziness earlier in the week), that I would let Kenny get in the jar of Peanut Butter he had discovered on the table.

He didn't dig in with both hands, mind you. I wasn't desperate enough to allow that. Thank heavens he started off with a utinsel in the first place. Anyway, here he is rather messy and giving us that, "caught red handed" look.

I did get the dishes done, however!

"Oooo, is that a camera I see?"

After the much needed bath. Such blue eyes!

I also wanted to show two of the fun pictures I took at the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy, UT.

I am fascinated by these neat-o Jellyfish!

And I thought this fish was pretty cool as well.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sweet Faces, Beach Faces (catch up)

I haven't been able to post a lot of pictures, and now I am catching up! We went to the beach a couple of weeks ago, and it was both Kenny andn Lexi's second time. Kenny was able to really enjoy it this time, so in some ways, it can be considered his first. He loved it! He ate some sand and did a literal faceplant in it (notice sandy faced picture below). Lexi had just woken up from a short nap and was therefore groggy and grumpified, so she wasn't as excited about the beach at first. Hence there are more beach pictures of Kenny. Plus my camera ran out of memory . . .

Yeah, there is only one half-way decent beach pic of Lexi. Oh well, I can get plenty more in the future here in LA. But I added the two sweet face pictures of her on top, because they are just so cute and because it didn't there to be just Kenny pics, I wanted both kids to have pictures up!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Good Post . . .

A good post due to a good computer, a fast internet connection, free photo editing software and cute kildets!!! Aahhhhh, it feels sooooo luxurious! I have been deprived for a long, long time.

I can do good blog posts now and look forward to enjoying some real blogging now!

I tried out the new and free photo editing software, and so far I like it. Here is the one photo I have edited thus far:



Maybe I overdid it, hmm . . . I dunno. . . I hope I'll get better at editing photos as time goes on.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Carl the Peacock

Carl is a peacock, it is true. I discovered this 2 days ago as we were getting ready to attend a work party. Lexi's hair was in a half ponytail and she was wearing playclothes. I was wearing some army green capris that I love that are a wee bit shappy looking. Kenny had messed up his outfit, as he does about halfway through everyday.

Apparentely we were not in pristene condition for presentation to coworkers!!

So first off Carl declared that he wanted Lexi to have Mouse Ears as her hairdo (this is the hairdo she is sporting in the picture above and Carl's favorite hairdo on her. They realy are quite cute!!) I didn't mind complying with his wishes although not without a fair amout of teasing. :) Carl tried to pick out a new outfit for Lexi but couldn't decide and knew that I would probably change it anyway, so I stepped in.

Then Carl kindly suggested that I change into something other than my "Army Pants", as he not-so-fondly referrs to my army green capris. I smirked but didn't mind complying once
again. He wasn't demanding I change my clothes, afterall. And I liked the idea that he wanted to show off his wife and kids (more so the kids than the wife, of course! They are so much more show-off able!).

Kenny needed a new outfit anyway because he always soils his clothes
about halfway through the day, as previously stated. And so a new outfit he had.

I made me feel good remembering all over again how proud Carl is of this family. How could he not be proud of such wonderful, sweet, smart and CUTE kidlets?

And so I further the "Peacock"ness of this family just by keeping this blog! Ha!


Family Pix

Family Pix