Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Summer . . . Stuff

To begin, Kenny is all better. No need to hold off the dairy products or nursing. He lost a little weight during the sickness, but was ravenous after the bug left his system. So he made up for lost time and gained it all back. :) Which makes Mommy happy. :)

You will see in the pictures below a rather tremendous and fearsome looking beetle bug. This spindley creature had such power over me as to render me a complete fool. When I thought that he had fallen out of the jar and onto my brother Chase's head, I started jumping up and down, saying, "Oh no, Oh no!" over and over again (with increased agitation and intensity for each "Oh no!"). But I did not try to swipe what I thought was the beetle from my dear brother's head. I was completely useless. After I realized that it hadn't fallen upon him, I experienced a great sense of relief and a small adrenaline rush. Over a bug! Good grief!

Time for more pictures. We all love pictures, do we not?

My cute sister Celeste.

Uncle Cody holding Kenny who is puffing out his belly
in an escape attempt. :)

Kenny "looks so mischievously handsome",
says Celeste. :)

Kenny feeding Maggie. He loves that Beast!
(He says "Ga" for Dog now too!)

Lexi my sweet.

Fearsome beetle you already know about

My brother Cody is so handsome!

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