Monday, May 25, 2009

"Whatever Happened to My Friends?" and Memorial Day

First off I wish to sing a song for you all called "Blogger's Lament". It is sung to the tune of "Diva's Lament" from "Spamalot". Here goes:

Blogger's Lament

Whatever happened to my friends?
They used to comment now and then.
But now I've had a post or two,
and still I haven't heard . . . FROM YOU!

I've been waiting for far too long;
For you to say, "I like your blog!"
This is one unhappy blogger
Maybe someone should just flog her . . .
to get her to stop singing this lame song!

(skip to the end)
I thought I had friends, was I wrong?

(The End)
*By the way, the only reason I know this song is because of Angie. Thanks Angie!*

Now don't worry, my public of few. I don't really feel like this. But it does make a good satirical song, does it not? Anyhoo, on to other things.

We had a nice Memorial Day. It was fun. We went to Valley Falls and had a BBQ and played at the park and caught tadpoles and got really dirty! Kenny even tried to eat the tadpole water, which really grossed me out!!! Yuck, yuck yuck! Here are the pictures that were produced during our day. I tried to do a good family pix, but I get less photogenic each day. Plus I had a huge zit, isn't that nice? I am sure you all wanted to know that too! :)

*These next pictures I really like that I took experimenting with different light sources*

Showing off Kenny's Mop-Top


Alicia said...

I love your family pics, it's really cute. Don't worry you look great in your pictures. You weekend deffinitly was funner then mine.

Grant and Cami said...

Cute pictures!

iandysgrl said...

I'm happy to have made you familiar with the song. :-) You take great pictures!

Michelle said...

I think you are just as photogenic as ever Courtnie! I really love that first picture with all four of you. It is perfect!

Michelle said...

By the way, you must feel very special getting a comment from Cami... I wonder if she reads our blogs but just isn't much of a commenter?

Family Pix

Family Pix