Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thoughts (I'm so thoughtful, aren't I?)

Yep, I am full of thoughts. And therefore I am thoughtful! Ha ha! (but wouldn't that make everyone thoughtful?) But before I disclose my thoughts, let's have another Lexi quote from today!
Lexi says:
"Daddy is old! He eats old food."

*Snicker snicker* :) (No, not LOL or ROFL. Just snickering!)

I don't know where she got that idea, but I thought it was funny!

Deep Thoughts

I was thinking about the ways of the world the other day and realizing even more that the family is being attacked on all fronts. Motherhood and feminity (as in, being nurturing and meek) are being deemed as "beneath you". "You could be doing better things with your time!", is what we are told if we take time to build a home and nurture children. "You need to fight back!" is what we are told if we step away from confrontation. (I am not saying that every woman is meant to be a mother or a homebuilder. Mother Teresa did many great and amazing things! But being a mother is really just as amazing and great! I am also not saying that there is anything wrong with standing up for what's right. But sometimes stepping aside, in certain circumstances, is the best way to go.)

Men are being torn down and degraded to "just wanting one thing" and being idiots or "pigs". Think of the prominent figure Homer Simpson or the Peter Griffin (Family Guy) character or the father on the sitcom "Still Standing". They are all funny, it is true. But they also create this image in which men are fat, stupid 7 year olds in adult bodies. And this is so so wrong. Who here would associate their husbands with these fellows?

Children are now "burdens" who "hold you back" and take away from a better life. Let me quote what a very bitter and angry person wrote on a comment board after someone wrote that having children is a wonderful life-changing experience (I still can't believe someone thinks this!) :
"What a small, small life you must have led before.
And now you have made it smaller by having kids."

What the . . . !!!!! How can your life get smaller by having children??? There are some people out there that actually hate kids. When I first discovered this, I was on a plane with Lexi and the man sitting in front of us just glared at her when she smiled at him. She was a sweet 18 month old! He plugged his ears when she made noise, which I know wasn't the most pleasant. But you know what? Life isn't always comfortable and children are an integral part of society. They are our future! What a short sighted and angry man this was. If he doesn't want to have to deal with kids in the future, he better buy a private jet because children are part of life. And a very important one too!

After thinking about all this, I realized what I need/want to do. I need to fight for the family. I have realized all over again that I don't really have any time to waste. I have to prepare my chilldren to go out into this world. I want them to be ready! I want to protect them from people who do not cherish them or who they are.

I love being a wife, mother and a homemaker. I love my kids, they are my greatest joy. It is true that at times they are also my greatest frustration. It is just like it has been said, "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it."

And it is so worth it.


Anonymous said...

Was Carl eating leftovers at the time, or something that Lexi is not "old enough" to eat. Haha. I hope you keep a journal of all the cute things Lexi says!

Anonymous said...

good post, court. it's a battle everyone who cherishes families is fighting. unfortunately, i think most go blissfully or busily along, completely unaware that there is a battle being waged against their children and family and position in society. awareness is critical to maintaining the family at this point.



The Terrell Family said...

Interesting thoughts. I hadn't really thought about the attack on men (women and families, yes). It is true, and unfortunate.

Courtnie said...

Let me also add this. All of the stupid men happen to be fathers.

Michelle said...

Amen sister! I have thought about these things many times... and by the way, Family Guy is officially against my religion.
It also really burns me up when I hear people talking about the woman's right to do what she wants with her body. Do these morons really fail to recognize that it was HER choice to do the ONE thing that makes you pregnant? She already made her choice! It's not like women across the world just wake up spontaneously pregnant one day for no apparent reason! Lunacy, that's what it is...pure lunacy!!

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