Sunday, April 5, 2009

A New Kind of Poetry

I used to write poetry all the time. A lot of it really stunk and was cheesy. However, I have had a few that I still think are pretty good. Here is one that just came to me as I was bantering back and forth in my head about what I didn't want to do that day. . . Maybe it is just plain weird. But I like it for some reason. Just remember that there are two voices, okay?

Who Likes It?
Who likes cleaning up messes?
Not me.


. . .

Who like doing dishes?

Not me!

oh, . . .
. . .

Who likes enforcing discipline?

Not ME!
oh. . .

hmm. . .
. . . . . . . . . .
Who likes sweet snuggles?

I do.


Who like playing and puzzles?

I do!


Who likes hugs and kisses and Dandelion wishes
smiles just because you came in the room?!

I do!!


Who loves being a Mother?

We do.
Oh yeah . . .

(most of the time : ) )

Are some pics, of course!

Lexi decided to dress Kenny up the other day.
*He didn't like it, but endured*

So cute, even in a dress . . .

. . . but still ridiculous! Ha ha ha!!!
*Lexi even forced him to wear hair clips, not shown*

But not quite as ridiculous and myself.
*I have a small dress around my shoulders that Lexi picked out for me*

Another Family train. Choo Choo!


Alicia said...

I liked your peom, it was fun to read. You're pictures are cute. You're kids are a really cute pair.

iandysgrl said...

Kenny is a cute girl, too. :-) I remember we used to dress up our little brother in girl's clothes.

Michelle said...

Poor Kenny! Oh well, he's too young to be scarred by the experience. :) I couldn't agree more with your poem. All I have to say is "AMEN!"

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