Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter and Lexi B-day

So Little Time . . .

I never have enough time to do everything that I wanna do! It drives me crazy! Does anybody know what to do about this?

Well, this week was a busy week. The highlights include Lexi's B-day and Easter, of course. Lexi's b-day was mucho fun. It was a little hectic and crazy, but still fun. Kenny was sick on her B-day and I didn't realize he was until we were halfway through the party. After he puked all over me for the 3rd time, I figured something was up. Unfortunately one of our littler guest caught our germs. Lexi caught it too. Thankfully it seems to be just a 24 hr stomach bug.

Here is a highlight of my Lexi Lumpkin!

Alexandra Dawnette

Occupation: Head Mess Maker (oversees all mess making procedures to maximize all mess making capabilities.)

Hair Color: Light Brown with Blond highlights

Eye Color: Deep Blue

Likes: Pretending to be a "baby crab" or a kitty, climbing in bed with Momma @ 3am, dressing up Kenny, playing with Kenny in crib, baths, chocolate, giving hugs, listening to Momma sing, singing with Momma, wrestling with Daddy, being a helper and a sweetie pie!

Dislikes: Listening to Kenny cry, loud noises, Ambulance sirens, meat of any kind, being denied more T.V., wearing socks, Kenny grabbing toys.

Traits: Sweet, loving, helpful, intelligent, beautiful, funny, silly, mischievous, curious.

Next are pictures. Taa taa!


The Arthurs said...

I love the pics of her. She looks so cute! My favorite picture is the 6th one down where she is kind of turning towards the camera. Is she four now? I can't believe how grown up she's getting!

The Terrell Family said...

You're great at taking pictures. I might solicite you to take a few of my kids.

Alicia said...

What a fun birthday and easter. You're kids are the cutest. I love their easter outfits.

Anonymous said...

courtnie - these are more great photos! the cupcake tree is so cute and different - i've never seen one like that before. if THAT was what you felt you rushed through, you're not remembering some of the cakes i made for rushed birthdays! they look very professionally done.

lexi's hair is getting so long, and they both just seem to get cuter and cuter!



Priscilla said...

The party pictures look like you had so much fun...I wish we were there!! Thank goodness some illnesses are only 24 hours or less!

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