Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kenny's Birthday

Wow. Kenny, my little Plumpy, just turned 1 today. What a year. A year that came and went too fast. It almost doesn't seem real that he is already 1. Soon he won't be my baby boy anymore! My children are growing up fast, and sometimes it seems faster than it should be. One day I am going to wake up and realize that my kids are teenagers. And then next thing I know they will be in college, then getting married, and then having children of their own and moving away. And before I know it they will be living their own lives. But that seems preposterous now. How could these sweet little ones who are mine and need me move away and take care of themselves?

Anyhoo . . . back to Kenny and his Birthday. Pictures should explain it well. Plus, a highlight on my little man.

Kenneth Carl

Occupation: Professional Mess Maker

Hair Color: Golden Blond

Eye Color: Deep Blue

Likes: Momma hugs, Daddy tosses, playing with Lexi,
eating everything, especially: crumbs on floor, lint, animal crackers, crayons,
and cards (see prev. post); destroying telephone,
emptying garbage can and throwing contents all over floor,
exploring clothes drier, using everything as a drum, growling like a beast, growling some more,
waving arms above head and grabbing Momma's camera.

Dislikes: Bedtime, sleeping without Momma,
being shut in bedroom by Lexi, being held down for a diaper change,
ice cream feeder being too slow, having a toy snatched by Lexi,
and being denied camera use.

Traits: Irresistible, Momma's Boy, Charming, Determined, Handsome,
Sweet, Aloof, Happy, Beast from the East, and Lovable.

Plus a few more to show what we have been up to lately

(Park Day)


(Mardi Gras Party)

(Being cute)


Michelle said...

I love the picture with cake smooshed all over his face!! What is Kenny's exact birthday? Weston just had a birthday on the 24th... so I guess they are almost exactly a year apart. Looks like you guys have been having fun. When are you moving out West?

Alicia said...

Looks like Kenney had a fun birthday. This past year went fast, I can't believe he turned one already.
So I have no idea who the guy was that commented on my blog. I don't even know how he found it. I have it set to private so it can't be search. I removed his comment and hopefully he won't comment again.

Priscilla said...

I love the "likes/dislikes" section on Kenny. The cupcakes were awesome! It was funny seeing the contrasting pictures of Kenny's face being covered and Lexi carefully removing her wrapper!

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