Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Giveaway Winners

Hey, I only had 3 people enter the giveaway. Makes things real easy for me! The rest of you who didn't enter, you're missing out!

Here are the answers to the Quiz:
#1. "Hogs and Kisses".
#2. Kenny is a water birth baby.
#3. Lexi broke her arm when Kenny was about a month old.
#4. Yes, of course I take glorious pictures!
#5. Lexi is sweet and sassy and cute as can be!
#6. And therefore # 5 is a trick question..
#7. We went to the Buckwheat Festival.
#8. The Princess and the Pea.
#9. Kenny burned his hand and it was terrible. Poor thing!
#10. I poured juice into the butter during breakfast one morning. Wierdo!

So, the only person (of three) who got 10 out of 10 right was Alicia! Good job! You other two lovely people missed the last one, and that is all. Darn! (Alicia, send me your address to this e-mail:

The random drawing was between Michelle and Priscilla. Lexi picked the folded up name paper for me and it was: Priscilla! So Priscilla gets the Purple package. (Maybe the Piggy bank can my for Maddie, huh?)

Considering that I only had 3 people enter this giveaway, I will give Michelle and Priscilla 2 handmade washcloths each, and Michelle a Mary Englebreit notebook that I bought for myself
: ). I like you all so well, so it is fun for me to send fun stuff to y'all!

I already know Michelle and Priscilla's addresses. So I will send off the packages soon!

And I will leave you all with this cute little picture of the Kidlets: "Taking Tea"


Alicia said...

Cute tea time picture. You sure have cute kids.

Anonymous said...

Man, I totally forgot to enter your contest! I'm sorry. I still love you and read your blog! :-)

Michelle said...

Thank you Courtnie, that is very sweet! But, you don't have to send me the notebook that you bought for yourself!
By the way, love the tea party! I can't wait for Weston to have a little bro or sis to play with.

Priscilla said...

Thanks!! We got the package and Parker has already started bringing Maddie her piggy bank...he says, "Here Maddie, this one is yours."

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