Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1 Year of Blogging Giveaway!

Well, I have decided what I am going to do for my Giveaway. Yippee! So, this is how it is going to go down. There will be two separate packages. The Blue Package and the Purple Package.

The Blue Package features:

3 handmade washcloths, a lovely candle, 2 handmade cards and a Mary Englebreit notepad (I LOVE Mary Englebreit).

The Purple Package features:

A darling Piggypalz bank, an awesome notepad and a handmade washcloth. (All handmade items are made by me, of course.)

How does one go about winning one of these packages? Well, the Purple Package will just be a random drawing, but to acquire the Blue is a bit more tricky. You have to take a quiz about my blog and the person who gets the most answers right will get the package. Easy as that. Does that sound like fun, or what!?! :)

So . . . to enter, just post a comment if you only want to go for the Purple. But if you want to go for the Blue as well just post the answers to this quiz! (The comments below will show zero no matter how many comments are given, until the contest is over. [I have changed the comment form.] So nobody can see what anyone else wrote. Pretty sneaky, eh?)

The Dreadfully Egregious Quiz

#1. What does the Valentine (from last year) featuring a Hog say?
#2. In what unusual way was Kenny born?
#3. What happened to Lexi's arm shortly thereafter?
#4. Does Courtnie take tons of sweet, totally awesome pictures?
#5. Is Lexi sweet, or sassy?
# 6. Is # 5 a trick question?
# 7. What festival did we attend in October?
# 8. What were the Kidlets for Halloween?
# 9. What happened to Kenny's hand on Christmas?
# 10. How did Courtnie start her day off in a rather inauspicious way?

Here are a few other rules of this Giveaway. One person cannot win both packages. If there is a tie on the quiz, it will become subject to a random drawing between the ones that tied. The contest will be open for one week. It closes and the winners will be announced on February10th. And last, but not least; depending on how many comments I get, I may be able to give everyone a handmade washcloth! (I don't expect more than five, which means I will just make 3 more washcloths. And then we can all be happy! Me, because I get to give fun stuff to people, and everyone else because they get fun stuff!)

Good luck!


Alicia said...

I'm going to give my best shot at the givaway.

Answers to the quiz.

1. The Valantine card said "Hogs and Kisses"
2. Kenny was born by way of a waterbirth.
3. Lexi broke her arm shortly after Kenny was born.
4. You always take tons of sweet and totally awesome pictures. I love them all.
5. Lexi, though I haven't ever met, is sweet but also has a sassy side.
6. Yes, #5 is a trick question.
7. You went to the Buckwheat festival in October.
8. The Kidlets were the Princess and the Pea.
9. Kenny burned his hand on Christmas.
10. On morning you poured Juice in the Butter.

Michelle said...

Courtnie, Courtnie. How clever you are! I really want the blue package giveaway, because I also love Mary Engelbreit, and 3 homemade washcloths is better than one. (and really, how many people have homemade washcloths? I know I don't) I also love candles and homemade cards. Sounds perfect. So here goes:
1. Hogs and kisses
2. He was born in water
3. Poor little lexi broke her arm :(
4. Yes, Courtnie, you do take sweet, awesome pics. Or as my brother in law would say, they are "wicked sweet."
5. She is both sweet and sassy,of course!
6. Yes, I think it was a trick question... fortunately, I am not easily fooled...ha ha ha
7. Buckwheat Festival
8. Lexi was the princess, and Kenny was the Pea! Very cute.
9. Kenny burned his sweet little hand
10. Unfortunately, I really don't know how you started off your day quite inauspiciously. So hopefully no one else gets 10 out of 10 right!
By the way, I really love that you named your quiz the "dreadfully egregious quiz." Too funny!!

Priscilla said...

1. Hogs and kisses
2. By midwife in water
3. she sprained it and wore a cast or sling
4. Yes!
5. Mainly sweet, sometimes sassy
6. yes
7. Buckwheat festival
8. The princess and the pea (pod)
9. he burned it and it blistered terribly
10. ??

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