Monday, January 12, 2009

I am an idiot

I am staying up waaaay too late reading a funny blog ( when I should be sleeping. Kenny is actually sleeping! What is wrong with me???

Anyhoo, before I go to bed I wanted to make note:

I love it when a girl (particularly, a friend) who previously thought she was unattractive finds out she is NOT. I realy love it when a girl realizes she IS pretty after all! The ugly duckling story really speaks to me, especially in real life! Maybe it does because I always thought I was ugly until I was in college. Heck, maybe I was. *Gasp!* (Not that I am anything divine now, but I don't consider myself ugly anymore, thank you very much.) Anyway, I have seen this realization happen several times, and it makes me happy because it means that the "ugly duckling" feels better inside. (Super-duper cheesy sounding, I know. But true! ) There is a downside to this, however. If someone realizes they can look good, they can become vain! And this is not a good thing. But I do like to see people realize that good looks aren't just for models. And that it is worth it to take some time on ourselves.

Just not too much. :)

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