Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Bubbly Bath

*You can see me reflected in the faucet.*

My little helper. If only I loved doing dishes as much.

Christian, brother # 2, is going on a mission soon. I took the mission photo and I think it turned out well! He is sure handsome, but a bit pale! :)


Michelle said...

Your brother looks great! Has he received his call yet?
I know what you mean about the dishes. Weston also loves vacuuming, wiping up the floor, dusting, and putting clothes in the dryer (clean or dirty, wet or dry - he just likes sticking things in there because he can reach it!) I look forward to the day when his "help" is actually helpful!!
By the way, love the bubbles!

iandysgrl said...

The picture of Lexi laughing and looking up to the side in the tub is SO good! It looks really professional, good job Courtnie! I remember back when I was little, I used to LOVE doing housework, now the house is lucky if I get around to cleaning it once a week. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cavort! I'm in Atascadero now. It's 70 degrees here and only 15 minutes from the beach. I love the pics, miss you and the kids, and will see you Sat morning.

Priscilla said...

The bubble bath photos are awesome!! Too bad I won't ever be able to take shots like those because of Parker's eczema. I miss talking to you, I hope we can find time soon. I've gotten lots of compliments on your blanket at church lately.

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