Saturday, December 27, 2008


I am having some technical difficulties, so this post is a little helter-skelter. Oh well. I will fix it later.

I am trying a new layout, as you can see. I am not sure if I am going to like it. I may go back to my good old dots eventually. They have are tried and true! And I like 'em! Anyway . . .


Our Christmas was mostly good. It was rather wierd, though. You see, we celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve because it was time for Dad to have the kids with him for the holiday. So, we did all of our presents and lounging about on Christmas Eve as though it was Christmas. And it
was fun and lovely, as always. But it still had an odd feeling to it, because we all knew it was different, and not quite like it always had been. Nonetheless, we all had fun and spent lots of time as a family, which is the one of the most important parts anyhow. That evening (the 24th) Dad picked up the boys and Connor, Caelan and Chase spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with him. All of the rest of us (i.e. Carl, Me, kidlets, Cody, Christian and Celeste) were going to go join them the next morning (Christmas Day morning) but there was so much snow that the roads were wretched! So we postponed out trip.

In the interim Kenny had the great misfortune of burning his little hand! It was so sad! (He touched the fireplace.) My poor little boy didn't understand why he was hurting and why we wouldn't make it stop. He cried and screamed for quite a long while. And he is usually such a peaceful and contented little guy, so we knew this way serious stuff. The only way to bring him relief for a full hour or two was to hold ice wrapped in a wet cloth in his chubby little fist. I had to hold his hand wrapped around it for him.

My family is very blessed to have a very good family living next door which happens to include a doctor. We called him to ask for some childrens Motrin (for we didn't have any on hand) hoping he would also be able to check Kenny's hand as well. He came right over and let us know what we needed to do to take care of Kenny and ease his pain. Dr. Hilmo also gave us pain medicine for Kenny (which helped a lot!) and wrote a prescription for a balm to put on Kenny's burns twice a day. He was so helpful and kind and we were so grateful!

After Dr. / Brother Hilmo left, two of my brothers along with Carl gave Kenny a blessing. We a gift it is to have priesthood bearers ready and able to bless my son. Soon thereafter Kenny was able to sleep and be his happy little self once again.

Kenny has a second degree burn. We are all so glad that it isn't worse. He just has some big blisters. It is amazing how well he is doing, considering how bad off he was yesterday. He is using his hand today, and crawling as well, just like nothing has happened. What a blessing . . .

We never did make it to Dad's.

We had a great Christmas despite the trauma!


jonibologna said...

oh poor kenny what a rough first christmas! Im glad he is feeling better now. Hope you guys had a great Christmas and I hope your New Year is great too. Love you and miss you.

ps i really like the new blog layout!

Priscilla said...

We loved your pictures, except for the painful ones of Kenny's hand. We miss you, especially Parker who wants to play with Lexi and her tea set :)

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