Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some Pictures and Reflections

Well, I need to finish writing the resolution to the entry I started earlier this week. I removed that entry because it didn't really reflect my true feelings. I still do get the notion every now and then that it isn't fair to bring such sweet little children who are so innocent into a world that is, well, the complete opposite! And a world that doesn't appreciate innocence, that encourages the loss of it! But the entry I wrote was more dramatic and dark than I really feel, and more than is necessary to convey the thought. Hence it was removed! However, I do think it was thought provoking and insightful. A thought that should be considered. So now I will write the resolution to it!

I may never completely resolve this issue, but we know that we all came here for a reason. We weren't just dumped here or brought to life so we could struggle through it without purpose. I don't blame my parents for bringing me into a harsh world, I know that I chose to come here before I was born. (Trying to resolve with a non-religious/spiritual point of view will be much more difficult, and pointless! Life doesn't make sense at all without it! Anyway . . .) We have to struggle to make it to the next level, and that is all there is too it! No pain, no gain. I really don't like thinking about this, but if something terrible happens to one of us, or one of us goes astray this time around, everything will be alright. It really will. We have eternity to figure it out, and eternity to make it right.

Also, thinking that it was selfish of me to have kids because I wanted kids is ridiculous! They wanted me too! And just imagine, if I didn't bring these sweet kids to me, who might they have had to go to instead? I wish that somehow I could take in all of the children that are thrown in the dumpster after they are born or slowly destroyed as their mothers use drugs and alcohol when they are in her womb. All the children that are so unloved. But I cannot, it is impossible. What we need is another Mother Teresa around here.

I can't be Mother Teresa, but I can do something. I can't complain and be justified when I do if I don't make an effort to get this world to improve. I need to be more involved in fighting for the things that I really believe in, such as: Right to Life (no abortion), not taking marriage so lightly (less divorce and broken families), no child abuse, stopping world hunger, ceasing sex trafficking, more respect and appreciation for Parenthood and the stay-at-home mom. (This list can be soooooo much longer, but you get the idea.) But I can't be involved in all of these things, so maybe I can support a group that does, or maybe I can just be really involved in one or two that I think are especially important. Either way, if we all do this, some great things can come to pass.

Now, on the lighter side, some pix!

My kids see this an awful lot!

A kiss from Lexi. Kenny has a sticker on his head courtesy of Lexi, and spitup on his chin.

These little pumpkins CAN be carved!


Cute fall picture # 1 . . .

# 2 . .

and # 3!

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Michelle said...

Sweet pictures Courtnie. I love the jumping in the leaves pictures. I just wish we had some fallen leaves around here to jump in!
Amen to everything you said.
Sometimes I wish I could save every hungry child, every infant that is unwanted, etc. etc.
But since impossible, I must at least do something.
I want to be involved in something too, something that allows me to fight for the things that are most important. I don't know how exactly to get involved yet, but when I figure it out you can be sure I'll tell you about it! (Unless you figure it out first, in which case you can let me know!)

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