Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Creature of the Night

Bubble Beard the Pirate presents . . .


Creature of the Night

(as it relates to motherhood!)
Sung to the song Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera

Night time darkens, children finally sleeping.
Joy and elation! Suddenly I'm leaping.
Why such delight? You've guessed,
No more being so darn stressed.
I can do just what I
want 'till morning light!
It's true, I'm now a Creature of the Night.

Who else can relate to this, eh? I sure do! I have become rather nocturnal lately, what with staying up till midnight or later nearly every night. I love nighttime, . . I savor nighttime. Nighttime is MY time. I love my cute little kidlets to pieces, but everyone needs their alone time. Or, as I refer to it, "Mommy Time". Mommy loves her "Mommy Time". And yes, I did write that dumb poem. And proud of it!

Here is a random funny story. Last Saturday we went out to eat with a couple from Carl's work and our kids. They had their ten year old son with him who turned out to be a very cute, not-shy guy. He was teasing his dad, Taj, and rather loudly informed us that his father thought that one of the characters from his video game was "hot". Taj, not bothered at all, said with a smile, "I may be old, but I'm not blind." Ha ha ha!

Here are some new pix:

My amazingly talented sister Cami made these dolls for Lexi and me.
Look just like us, don't they?

A bit late, but here is a picture of the Halloween Loot!
Kenny isn't getting anything, just trying to. . .

Lexi kissing a fish with a smile .. .

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