Saturday, November 29, 2008

And Yet Another Tag . . . .

Some people don't like these tags, but I do. I always enjoy myself learning about other people and their quirks. It is like a little getting to know you.

This is supposed to be My Crazy "Eights", but I feel like eight is too much! So this is "My Crazy Fours"! (except for one)

4 FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Frasier, Law and Order, AFV and 48 Hours Mystery

4 THINGS I DID YESTERDAY: Went to Church, Ate good food at a Potluck, Did my hair, Yakked on the phone for too long!

8 THINGS I LOOK FORWARD TO: Owning a house, Being more aloof, Overcoming many personal faults, Earning a degree, Adding to my family, Moving closer to family, Finding happiness within, Attending an Opera.

4 FAVORITE RESTAURANTS: Thai Village, Macaroni Grill, Beto's and Fazoli's

4 THINGS ON MY WISHLIST: A vacuum with attachments, a King sized bed (3 in a bed is too much!), a certain baby boy sleeping on his own, a 2nd car.


So, now that that is done, I will tell a funny story. Here is some background first: I have recently pulled out a never-been-used Aerobic Dance video (which is actually quite good!) and started getting down with it! Lexi joins in most every time I use it. She is rather observant and does real well. Here is where her talent of observing goes a little too far, and makes me worry about the future just a little bit . . . You see, the ladies on the show wear sports bras, shorts and sneakers. So the midsection of every woman is showing. And Lexi noticed this as well.

Lexi the Aerobic Dancer

Last night Lexi suddenly declared that her pajamas were too hot, and that she needed a bra. As she was stripping down to her underwear she also made mention that she wanted to do aerobic dance. "A bra? What on earth does she want a bra for?", I thought to myself. Then I realized that she wanted to look as the women on the video do. So, with my hands in my underwear drawer and a grin on my face I found a sports bra and helped Lexi into it. It was a bit baggy on her, and slid off her shoulders, but she was happy with it! "I need my shoes", Lexi noted as she scampered to procure them. "Wow, she doesn't miss a thing!", I mused. And Lexi truly didn't. She had on her underwear, a sports bra, and sneakers! With midsection flashing, she was ready for some Aerobics!

Later on this week, I will post a video of Lexi dancing in all of her garb. It is so cute and funny!! I took some pictures, but they turned out oddly, uh . . . well . . . mature looking. If I posted them on here people might think . . . well, nothing good! Seriously, it was weird. And another reason to be a bit more cautious with my daughter and the future.

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